Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fiction Trivia Continues!

I promised we'd have another fiction trivia contest after the last one was such a smash hit! And, as always, we'll be doing a giveaway to go with the fun. The winner of this trivia game will get an ebook copy of Seers of Light!

Deets: Fiction Trivia will be held this Wednesday, 8/24 at 8PM Eastern time, USA. Since we were so rowdy last time, Twitter put some of us in prison, so, to avoid a hitch in our game playing, I've devised a little chat room for us. Here's where we'll be: TADA!

If you already have an ebook of Seers, play anyway! You can always try and win a copy for someone else. And spread the word, guys!

Love ya,


Sassy Gemini Mom said...

I will start with my warm up finger exercises immediately!

Jen said...

Like you have to! lol