The Light Series

 Reviews for The Light Series! 

“These books will scare you, they will make you laugh, they will leave you white knuckling your Kindle as you’re reading them because they’re suspenseful, but they’re also poignant, and heartbreaking and heartwarming and just all around a wonderful read. Seriously, Jennifer DeLucy has mad skills, mad mad skills in the writing department.” – From Elisa Dane Vlogs, Youtube book reviews.

"5 STARS! This book was an unexpected mix of fantastical elements and snarky, sassy characters...Yes, the story as a whole was intriguing, but OMG these characters! As the main character, Lily was well-developed and so deliciously feisty!" - The Dragon Blog/Psychocat Reads Review

"...nothing shy of magical." -- Confessions of a Bookaholic

"A paranormal adventure to remember." -- Night Owl Reviews

"...powerful...emotional...a deeper resonance beyond a mere paranormal novel." -- Bitten By Books

"Enchanting...utterly refreshing." -- A Bibliophile's Journal

"The writing flows off the page, the characters are more than memorable and the story utterly unique." -- A Life Bound By Books

In the world of Seers, souls are connected over generations and countless spirits haunt the earth. Lillian Hunt isn’t prepared for life as a Sentient being, but she knows her choices are few. She can either embrace her purpose and learn to protect herself in a strange new reality or live at its mercy unprotected. As present, future and past unwind, so do the fates of everyone around her, branching farther than she could ever have imagined.

The Light Series will give you chills, reignite your fear of the dark and your faith in the power of love. Just be warned...once you've entered the world of Seers, you'll never be the same.

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