Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Online Dating and Big Dog Publishers

I've been trying this online dating thing for a little while and, oy... I cannot say that I'm entirely a fan. Here's something I've noticed: The women are normal. The men... not so much. And I used to think this was a stereotype, but I'm beginning to wonder. In fact, I'm starting to come to the conclusion that many of the guys in my age bracket are specifically online because they either don't really want another actual relationship after a new divorce/breakup, or, they can't handle the reality of dating--period--thusly, they are online. Neither of these work for me. I tend to be a "Why can't we just meet up for coffee and skip this texting madness" kind of girl.

You know how I am about positive attitudes, but, for me personally, I really am convinced that Mr. Right is going to have to present himself in person, because the online pickins' seem a liiiittle disturbing. ;) Correct my jadedness if I'm wrong, though. Have you had a great online dating experience? Or a really awful one? Tell me about it...

In more pleasant news, just wanted to mention that Dorchester Publishing's Blog had an article up this month referencing my books and music! They're a big dog in the publishing world, and I thought that was super cool, so, thanks to them for the mention! See? Who needs real men when you can write your own? (Oh, fine, I guess the real ones are okay, too.)

That's about it. Short post today. :) Maybe I'll add a little cheer to go with it, though. Read the Light Series Trilogy! YAY!!!!

(Shook my pom poms and everything. *wink* )



M said...

I met my fiance online actually! We met on Yahoo chat in 2004 and have been together since. We got engaged almost a year ago, but are waiting to be out of college to plan the wedding. Online dating is DEFINITELY a minefield though. I just happened to luck out.

Jen said...


This tends to be the case for successful relationships built online... meeting in ways actually unintended to be dating! lol. I think that's the most fun way it happens in person, too. I'm glad it worked out for you!


E.R. King said...

I'd want to meet someone in person before becoming attached to them as well. Chemistry can't be felt through a video cam!

Jen said...

E.R. Agreed. It is my preferred method, as well.

jhon said...

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