Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Contest and a Hurricane

Contest alert: The first full chapter of Seers of Light is up on D. Renee Bagby presents "First Chapters Blog" today. All entrants need to do to enter the 24 hour contest and win an epack of the Light Series is leave a comment under the Seers post HERE. Easy as that and you're entered! So go for it! Remember, the contest only runs 24 hours, so get those comments in ASAP!

Contests aside, who all is being pelted by that damned hurricane???? So much of my family and friends are from the East Coast/Mid-Atlantic/New England. I grew up in PA in an area that was prone to flood like mad just with normal heavy rain, so God knows what's happening there. My little sister is in nun-school in New Jersey, my cousin is in NYC, one of my dear friends in NC and another in Mass... so I've been sweating it for them. In fact, I need to go look at the news and see how they're doing. I know so many of you lost power. It's ridiculous and epic, this storm. God bless anyone who was affected. Let me know what happened in your neck of the woods!

Love and safety!

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