Friday, June 24, 2011

Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay

My birthday is this weekend (yay for existing!), so I've been giving myself little presents the last few days. One of my favorite things to do is sit by the lake, and last night I went on a pic taking bender. The folks I rent from have a dock at the end of their property, so, I've made it a habit of sitting there by myself later in the evening. Maybe I'm waiting for some kind of revelation. Maybe I'm just comforted by the solitude. Maybe I just like the smell in the air. Any way you put it, nature sure it pretty, even if it does seem to enjoy biting me. A LOT. Not that I blame it.

My feet like kicking, apparently. I have no control over it. I'll find that I'm swinging them in the water like a happy five year old and it's pretty amazing how many ripples just one person can make over an entire lake. Not so sure the ducks thought it was as cool as I did, but hey, they quack loudly, so, it's all even.

I liked the contrast between dark and light in this picture. It really drives me nuts that this camera couldn't possibly capture how really beautiful the lake it... and nevermind how much you miss without the sounds!!!!

Siiiiiiigh. Glassy water. Only thing that could have made this more perfect is a cold drink.

The dock upon which I sit. (Yes, I did have to word it that way. These things are important.) I love being there and I love talking to people, so, if you're ever in the area (and aren't a serial killer), let me know! We can combine the two. :) (The talking and sitting, not the serial killing.)

Just thought I'd share. Life's more fun when other peeps are in on it. ;)



P.S. I couldn't be more excited. You know that fund raising concert I mentioned? The one we're having next month to raise money for my CD... well my baby sister is coming all the way from Pennsylvania to sing with me!!!! YAY! Oh, exceptional amounts of bliss!!!!!

That is all. Seriously. I'm done.

OH no, WAIT! The birthday bunny left a bag of Dove chocolate on my desk this morning. Gosh, it's good to be loved.


xoxo again

Still Jen


Liz Fichera said...

Happy Birthday! And those pics are gorgeous. I would totally sit there for hours too.

Mandy said...

Your pictures are so pretty!! I especially love the last one. It looks like such a lovely place.

Happy Birthday!