Saturday, June 18, 2011

Guess what?????

I'm doing it!! I'm making a CD!!

And yeah, it's not that simple, lol! But, I'll be working to raise money for the production process in the coming months, with the help of some musicians who have already been through this and know what they're doing. The first fund-raising event, in fact, will take place next month, and it's a big one!

I know you're used to me talking about author stuff! (I might have mentioned my books a few times, eh? *wink*), but while I'm still writing about the creepies, it's finally time for me to work on the second half of my passion - my very first CD! That means I'm putting on a show to raise funds for the venture and share my heart and hope with you!

The concert is taking place on Friday, July 15th - 7pm at the Unity Center in Columbia, Missouri (1600 West Broadway). I'll be performing my own original music and enjoying the lovely assistance of musicians Trina Brunk and Karla Lewis. Any other musicians who would like to collaborate are welcome to contact me!

The concert works on a love offering basis, so if you're in the area and want to come, any donation is accepted and appreciated, no matter what. Funds will go toward the CD production process! This is a long time coming, and you know how I feel about being able to take all the aspects of my life and incorporate them to create an inspiring, life-changing outcome for everyone. Some day soon, maybe you'll just see me on the road, singing my songs and signing your books. :) Thanks for always sharing the bigger vision. Love you guys and see you at the concert!



Mandy said...

That's so awesome! I wish I could be there.

Anonymous said...

You're a muso too. Wow! I hope it's a great night.