Friday, April 15, 2011


How many of you live in tornadic areas? This is tornado season, for sure, and it's a really volatile time for those of us in "Tornado Alley". I wonder how many of you have experienced a tornado? These storms enthrall me...always have, especially in the years following my move to Missouri when they became a real threat. My fear of the storms changed into a kind of passion for them and I can see myself as one of those nuts who goes chasing after them for fun.

Anyway, I love tornado stories. Have you ever seen/been caught in/video-taped a twister? Tell me your experience!


Cassay said...

Tornados scare the shut out of me everytime we have a hail storm and gusty winds I'm worried lol we have had a tornado in our area in a really really long time last big one was "Black Friday" in 1987 but we getthen from time to time mostly is secluded areas or camp grounds

Mason Canyon said...

We have tornadoes in our area from time to time and they scare me. Lately we've had a lot of just really bad thunderstorms and have another one on the way for tonight. Mother Nature has a way of getting her message across.

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Eleni Alexandraki said...

Right here! We've already had like, 5 tornado warnings this year alone in Middle TN!

I think the worst tornado I've ever been caught in that I remember was when one actually came barrelling through downtown Nashville back in (I think) April of 1999. Very rare and very scary!

Jen said...

Cassay, where do you live? I used to be like that when I was younger--terrified that every gust of wind during a storm was a twister! Ah, the trauma. lol

Jen said...


Mother nature certainly does pack a punch! I think she's telling us to live our lives to the fullest.


Jen said...

Eleni, did you see the Nashville tornado??? Man, I'd love to actually see one... in a safe environment where no one is around to get hurt, of course.