Thursday, April 21, 2011

Harry Potter Does Taekwondo in the Wilderness... Then He Drinks an Iced Coffee

Oh, great gobs of macaroni, I need inspiration lately. I thought that simply being in a scenic area would do it for me, writing wise, but no. No, as it turns out, your muse has more to do with your state of mind and your circumstances than with the view out the window. Silly me.

I still want to get a digital cam and do video blogs. Not all the time, mind you, but some of the time, yes. A picture can speak a thousand words, after all (says the writer), and sometimes I'd rather show than tell. Plus, I could use a unique creative outlet.

Am I supposed to pick a single topic, by the way? Gosh, an author usually does that, huh? You pick a topic and stick to it, but I'm feeling so very random today that I'm not sure if a single topic is even possible. For instance:

Harry Potter: Love/hate the movies? Anybody else ready to have a giant stroke if they don't release a final trailer? I am so bitter-sweet about the final movie, as are all Potter-heads, I'm certain. It's a tough thing to say goodbye to. The series has meant so much to me, and as I tend to say in any author interview that asks me my favorite author, JK is in my top two, for sure. The purity and heartfelt accessibility of her writing is so hard to find. It makes me just want to hug her.

Iced coffee mix: I'm trying to find one. I've found an iced Chai mix in the form of a carton of Oregon Trail Chai concentrate. It's a wonderful thing, but what about coffee? Does anyone know where to find an iced coffee mix? It's too expensive to buy an iced coffee every day anymore. I'm a single girl, afterall, and every penny counts.

Tornados: Uhhmmmmm.... I think I jinxed people with my last blog post about spring weather tornados. But really, my thoughts and prayers go out to those who were hit with that last round of craziness. Love coming your way.

Frontier living? Okay, maybe not frontier, but something that I always wished I could do involves moving away from civilization and hunting and fishing and building my own shelter and basically escaping from everything I know and every noise pollutant and misery maker for like six months. I know some have done it, but I'd probably be dead in fourteen hours... LOL. Man. How I long to just detach, though. You know, I'm totally going to take mini retreats this season, though, and come back with a mind and spirit refreshed.

Target practice: Now don't shoot me (pardon the pun), but I think I'm going to go target practice shooting. Yeah, yeah, I know. What?! Are you serious? YOU??? What is going on? Well, it seems I'm having a bit of a "do everything I've never done before" sort of thing going on, so bear with me. I may not ever intend to own a gun, but for some reason, I really want to know how to handle and use one. What can I say?

Yoga: I've been going to a few yoga for beginners classes lately and I like it. Considering how out of shape I am, it's a good start. My real dream is to learn a martial art, though. Any of you into MA's? There's just something crazy cool and sexy about the idea of being that balanced and strong and skilled and disciplined. Who doesn't want to think they could kick ass and be all zen while doing it?

Phew. That was a lot of topicage. Time for a margarita??

Later crew,

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Sarah Allan said...

Hey, you! :-)

Harry Potter: I'm with you...I'm seriously going to have a stroke if they don't release something else. I might even cry at the end of the last movie. I can't even buy DH Part 1 because hubs and I want a Blue Ray box set of all the movies. Gotta wait...

Tornados: No more, please! I can't wait to move to Florida where you actually get more than 5 minutes warning for a major storm. Ugh.

Target practice: That was my philosophy in college. When I was a freshman, I wanted to try something that I'd never, ever thought I'd do, so I joined the pistol and rifle club. I learned to target shoot, and I had an absolute blast! One time we went to the range right around finals and shot up textbooks that the school bookstore wouldn't take back for whatever reason. I miss doing it and never got a permit, but I'd love to. You'll have a great time.

xoxo Sarah