Thursday, April 28, 2011

Erotic romance / English Teacher Scandal? Bring it...

When I heard that an English teacher in my home state (Pennsylvania) was being bashed for *gasp* writing NOVELS on the side, it nearly gave me a stroke. As it turns out, the main freak out had to do with the fact that she writes romance novels, because, God forbid that any teacher should even think about romance/sex, let alone write about it in books! If you ask me, all public school instructors should be banned from any talk of sexual matters in their private lives. In fact, I propose that they not be allowed to even have sex... ever again. We don't want to risk that some remnant vibes might accidentally spin off and impregnate someone. Teen pregancy is serious business, after all.

Anyway, as a a fellow author (and a former Pennsylvanian, for that matter), I am more than offended on Judy Buranich's behalf. In fact, I plan to buy anything she's ever written and ever writes. The country seems to be quite aware of her work, now, thanks to those folks who felt the need to make a cruel example of a good woman (and published author -- good for you, Judy!).

How disturbing that people would try and stop an obviously beloved teacher from doing what she does best. If her class was entitled "The Art of Sexin' 101", I might be a little worried. But she's an English teacher, damn it! And let me tell you something else, it takes both courage and ability to get to the publication point, and if she managed that, she must be one good educator! So why would anyone try and put her down?

I've seen the comments of support raging around the writing and publishing world. I've also seen the support from the readers and Judy's former students, and if anyone back in Pennsylvania planned on sabataging this women's living, it's backfired. She'll be more popular than ever now, because karma never fails.

I hope she stands tall and proud. She writes erotic novels? Good for her! So many author friends of mine do the same and they are fabulous at what they do. In fact, some day maybe I'll just write one myself... screw a pen name... and I'll dedicate the book to Judy Buranich.

Lady, if you're out there, I've got your back.



Magic_Of_Reading said...

couldn't agree more, I am so going to check out her work now :-D

Sarah Allan said...

Great points, especially about teachers not being allowed to have sex. I agree wholeheartedly, especially if they already have kids. Because that's just evidence that they've been doin' it. End sarcasm. But, in all sincerity, awesome post, my dear. I've missed you! <3

Lisa said...

Great post, Jen!! I bought one of her books last night :)

PurdueLiz said...

Excellent post my dear! And I completely agree with everything you said. Ya know, maybe they better take my kids away from me. I write erotic fiction and I, gasp, homeschool my kids. I must be a terrible influence on them. (Tongue firmly in cheek.)

Jen said...

Magic and Sarah, thanks for stopping by and the for the love!

Lisa, you rock for buying her book! I'm hoping that is exactly what happens all over the place! And Liz, you are clearly evil. I am boggled over your evil, in fact. ;)

Love you guys,

Anonymous said...

Great piece, Jen. I so agree. As a sometimes teacher myself, I try desperately not to have sex or buy romance novels, but gee it's hard not to be human. But what can I do when my wallpaper is just a mass of peepholes for the perving eyes of neurotic parents.

Hee hee. :)
Some people are just too serious for their own good. I hope the lady sells masses of books from this.