Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bring it on

As of today I've started saving up for Seattle again. I knew I needed to stick around Missouri and get my bearings after the split up, but I wasn't sure where or when I was going once I'd gotten said bearings. I know now. It's been tough lately, kiddos. In fact, I think that the universe has made me sufficiently miserable so as to know that I have to leave. Funny how that happens. All the greatest accomplishments and changes in my life have been spurred on by a state of total unhappiness. I think that must be a sign that your energy is shoved against a wall and needs to be flowing in another direction. With me, especially, I guess I have to be in a really dark place in order to be shaken into necessary action.

I got mad at God yesterday, actually. I said listen here, if this is meant to move me forward and make me happier than I could have been before, then BRING IT ON. Just do it. Because I'm done. I'm ready. Staying here is not an option. So I pulled out my spreadsheet and worked out my savings budget and now I have a goal. I'm not announcing a date until it's time, but when I know it... you'll know it.

I'm flying out to Pennsylvania next month for my baby sister's graduation. My family is usually pretty fun to be around, so, hopefully it'll be a nice visit. I love my baby sister and brother so much, and I rarely ever get to see them. Hm. Maybe I can invest in a digital camera before I go...

Love you guys,

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