Friday, April 8, 2011

Is it just me?

Is this just a sign that I'm "getting old", turning into one of those "lame, boring adults" that we all swear we'll never become when we're teenagers. I ask this because of one thing in particular: MUSIC.

Okay, so, when we were youngins we listened to our current music trends with delight, right? It was great music, we loved it. Our parents just didn't understand us or the things we liked, right? Sure, sure, same old adolescent line used for generations. BUT... but... I can honestly say that most of the pop music that came from my generation and earlier had one thing going for it that seems to be missing from 99 percent of the top 40 nowadays. That would be positive substance, by the way. A meaningful, strong message meant to somehow improve the world. Instead, I'm hearing an abundance of talk about da club... having sex on the flo', under the bar while you stoke a couple... getting so bleeping drunk you can't remember who you did an hour ago, where your shirt went, even where the hell you ARE, but, you know, it's totally okay because you look hot while doing it and lots of men want you, so, whatevs, just dance, right?

So, top record companies are producing "musicians" (aka dubbed in, smoothed out, auto-tuned "singers") prattling on about their bitches and their hoes, their money and their drugs, partying, partying, partying. Life is nothing but a sexually exploitative, woman-using, drugged out, hung over, drunken binge that measures one's worth (especially when it comes to women) in degrees of sex appeal.

I've heard young girls trying to claim that songs about letting themselves be pimped out and objectified are "empowering"... Freedom of sexuality, right? Please. I'm all for being sexually healthy of mind and body, for enjoying consensual, responsible sex. You only have to read my writing to know that I am NO kind of prude. But I'm also no kind of idiot. I know the difference. You take a song like "Shoulda Put a Ring on It" by Beyonce and I'm behind you. Don't try and buy sex from a girl with shiny material things, treat her like a piece of crap and then complain when she smartens up and moves on. I like it. But "Just Dance" by Lady Gaga... don't even get me started on how much that song pisses me off.

So, is it just me? Am I just crazy? Our kids are listening to this. They think it's all cool. Our girls have no clue that their gender is being stricken repeatedly, that a lot of these lyrics and ideas are setting women's rights and equality waaaay back in time. It's horrifying, it's unbelievable, but a lot of our girls are actually buying into this crap. They actually think it's the best way to get a guy's attention. They're PROUD of flashing enough T & A, of sacrificing their dignity. This is what society sings about, right? It must be the way! Yeah, we're teachin' 'em good, aren't we? NICE job, music industry. I just wonder how many record execs teenage sons come home with STD's and daughters with unwanted pregnancies?

Why are we okay nurturing the idea that a girl isn't a person--she's a blow up doll, a porno flick, a piece of equipment you use to satisfy yourself? Why is "popular" music so one-dimensional? Why do we need so many guys singing the same lyrics, practically the same damned song about smackin' dat and grinding up on dat and hittin' dat? Why is anyone okay with this? Why aren't we sick of it yet? This is seriously messed up.

Respect. Dignity. Compassion. Reality. Inspiration. There are songs out there that talk about these things, too, but they aren't getting spotlight time like the shitty stuff does. And record companies need to get their heads out of their asses if they think that people are that limited, that stupid. I'm no sheep. Are you? Are your kids? No freaking way, my friends. Now let's sway the trend and buy the good stuff, okay? Let's talk to our kids about what's going to mess them up, about how they should view each other, about what real love is, and undo the damage our radios do when we're not around.


Okay, I feel better. A little.



naelany said...


pun may, or may not, be intended here

Shirley Wells said...

I couldn't agree more. I'm often found ranting about current 'music'. (And I must be older than you because most of the time I don't have a clue what they're singing about. :))