Sunday, January 30, 2011

Meet and Author Blog Hop and SECRET PHOTOS! :)

YAY! It's Meet an author Monday, and we have a theme today. We're taking pics of our writing spaces... and I'm going to share my most frequent one with you. Now, that doesn't mean my most formal one (I'm skipping the whole home office/library thing, because you guys are my blog peeps, and you get exclusive tidbits.) This is the area that gets the most writing traffic. My living room... my coffee table... my poor, beat up laptop. TADA! OH, and my cat, Maddox, decided he wanted to be in the picture, too. Maddox has a tendency to hog my work space... in fact, he'll go so far as to lay his head/paws on my hand and close his eyes as I try to type, and it's so darn precious that I'd swear he knows that I don't have the heart to disturb him. The brat.

So, before I give you instructions on how to meet new authors and join the Meet an Author Monday network, I'm going to point out the icon in the right side bar... the Lookin' for Love Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt graphic... see it? This is an EPIC fun chance for you to win an entire set of Ebooks from my publisher. Give it a click! You don't want to miss out on this.

Back to the Author Hop. See below to learn how both authors and readers have been taking part. This is a great way to get a first look at up and coming novels!


* Follow as many authors as you like. Just follow the Linky list and hop from author to author. The idea is to find as many "new to you" authors as you can, and hopefully some great new reading material as well. Leave a comment as you hop from blog to blog! We'd love to chat with you!


* Follow the Meet an author Monday host (Cali Cheer Mom) along with any of the wonderfully talented authors on the list.
* You will need to enter your name and blog url into the Linky tool.
* Grab our super cute button and place it in a post. (THIS IS IMPORTANT!) If you don't create a post for the hop, your readers won't have a place to comment, and the hop will stop with you. So create a post, paste in the Linky code and start hopping!
* The purpose of the hop is to meet "new to you" authors and discover great new reads. Follow as many authors as you can. Leave a comment and introduce yourself!
* If you'd like to share the Linky list in a post on your blog ( Please do!) just follow the link and grab the code.


Robin DeJarnett said...

Maddox looks so cute! It's quite obvious who's in charge.

I know we'll get to see your office too (eventually). Keep us posted...can't wait to see you in the papers!

leather_bound said...

Maddox is adorable! My little guy (also a red tabby) is sitting with me now, looking at the picture.
It's nce working around the house like in the living room. I feel different areas for writing inspire new thoughts and ideas. :)
(sorry, the open ID doesn't seem to be working on Blogger today)

Nicki Elson said... interesting. So which came first -- the cat or the vampire? He's darling (cat & vampire ;)) and yes, methinks he knows EXACTLY what he's doing with that whole adorable head/paw thing.

Thanks for letting us in on the "real" writing space. And good luck w/ the reporter and the "fancy" space!

CarolOates said...

He is a cutie. Rodney recently inherited a cat from a deceased uncle. His name is Toby and he seems to find the most comfortable place to sleep if I have my laptop open is on it.
I shall now continue on my rounds. This writing space idea it great. I feel like a nosey neighbor having a good ole look around. lol.

Jessica McQuinn said...

Awww...Jen! You shared the REAL one with us! I feel special. (And Nicki beat me to it because the first thing I thought of when I saw your cat's name was William...)

This was a great idea!! So fun!

Jen said...

Thanks, you guys! And in answer to your question, Nicki and Jessica, William came first, cat came after! ;)

Carol, it IS fun! I think we should do themed picumenteries more often. I've loved looking at everyone's spaces.

Robin, I'll keep you posted on the newspaper front.

Jennifer Lane said...

When I saw your cat's name I thought "Aha!" but then I see that William Maddox inspired his name and not the other way around. ;) That's cute how he'll rest on your hand--how can you resist that? He looks like a wonderful writing companion.