Saturday, January 29, 2011

Muse is Hot and Real Life Premonitions

First of all, this is my latest song crush. Seriously, can Muse be any sexier? I say no.

Secondly, I wanted to tell you about the coolest thing ever, but I'm trying to figure out how without confusing you to death and bungling up the whole tale. Let's see if I can keep this simple. The story is a bit of real life magic, and exactly the kind of thing that confirms my belief in purpose and destiny for all. I'll need you to stick with me, here. Just trust me.

So, a few years back I was in a lovely coffee house here in Central Missouri with a small group of friends. We were chatting when, let's just call her Susan, got a kind of distant look on her face and muttered something about feeling compelled to meet a woman she'd spotted sitting at a table elsewhere in the building. She jumped up and disappeared and my friends and I just kind of shrugged. Susan has a mind of her own, and she's a unique soul that I'm convinced is attuned to things that some of us can't see. So, anyway, when she returned to our table she had a business card in hand, and she gave it to me, saying, "I think this is actually supposed to be for you."

I took the card and looked at it carefully. It had a woman's name on it, and it read, "First Chance for Children". Some kind of family resource specialist. Very cool, but... I had no children, and I couldn't imagine what I would do with this card or what this person had to do with me. So I took the card from Susan and tucked it into my purse and forgot all about it.

Fastforward some months and I remember finding said card again while cleaning out my wallet. I almost threw it out, but my gut said to hold onto it for some reason. So I did. This happened every time I'd come across the business card in future. "Throw it away?" I'd say to myself. "No. Susan said it was meant for me." So, ever the believer, I'd tuck it back into my wallet and then, eventually, into a shoe box of paperwork. I never really even paid much attention to the name on the card... never remembered it.

A few years went by and a lot was happening in my life. I was singing at a wonderful open-minded church, I was writing books that would later be published, struggling through an ending relationship, finding my way and so on. I'd developed a wonderful core group of friends that seemed ever expanding and refreshing with new energy. They're creative, lovely people who I love dearly and I feel blessed to have in my life. One of them (Toni Rahman) wrote a book called Tahole, the politics of love. It chronicles a young American mother's journey in Bangladesh and into full adulthood. (She and I just did a talk together, actually, on dream fulfillment since we're both authors.) You should check out her book. It's amazing!

Anyway, back to the story, I have a photographer coming to my house this week to take a picture for an article, and so I was clearing some things away... sorting through a shoe box... and I came across that old card again. This time when I read it my heart jumped, because, for the first time, I took notice of the name on the card. It actually meant something to me now...

Toni Rahman.

I smiled from ear to ear and realized that Susan had tapped into something amazing that night at the coffee house. She'd somehow known that there would be a connection between myself and this person, and on some level, I must have, as well, since I kept the card all the while, long before I'd ever met Toni.

I finally threw the card into a bag of paperwork intended for the trash man, and then promptly dug it out again, realizing that this was something I wanted to share with Toni. A confirmation that we're all connected, that the universe has its intentional hand in everything, and that we need to have faith and follow our heart, because every step is waiting to be experienced, every door waiting to open for us, so long as you keep moving... and follow that gut, my friends. Follow that gut.

Signing out with love,

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PurdueLiz said...

Okay babe, that seriously gives me goose bumps! I absolutely love hearing stories like this!