Friday, July 9, 2010

Are you happy?

Are you happy? Seriously. I want to know.

Happiness is so relative, and it depends on who you ask, really, but, from what I've seen, it seems to rely, at least a good part, on our ability to live our lives freely. This would be simple enough to some, given the means, but most of us have to fight like heck for what we want most, and the culprit standing in our way is usually staring back at us in the mirror.

You want to break the heck free and do anything, everything, something in particular that means something significant to you, right? But we hold back for so many reasons I can't even list them all, and they're all personal. What scares the living poop out of you, but appeals to you at the same time? You ever notice how these two things so often go hand in hand?

I'm a writer, so I like to delve into human emotion and watch it unravel on paper. But, I'm also this chick who has her own fears to conquer, her own mountains to climb, and while I'm writing my books and singing to you guys and trying trying trying to master my own happiness, I am entreating that you join me in finding yours. We all need some inspiring, some motivation to get up and dance like an idiot with life without worrying about who will laugh or point or call us losers, right? Okay, so while I have this normal author's blog going, which will, of course, keep you updated on the (formally titled) Light series, I've begun something you may have recently heard me mention: The Boldness Project. The Boldness Project is about you. It's for you. For all of us. It's a means of inspiring and encouraging each other through anything you can come up with that motivates or inspires you. If you've done something brave, no matter how big or small, share it. Submit your photos, video blogs, experiences/thoughts, music, quotes, anything that makes you happy or brags about an act of bravery, and they'll be posted HERE! As the Book Crazy Blog Reviewer, Jennifer Sprague recently said of the project:

"It's about embracing your lives, taking the power back from all the outside forces hell bent on defeating us – and living in the glory that is us! It's time to fully embrace our own happiness and become better, braver, and happier people!"

She's got it! Now let's share some heart with a world that SO needs to feel loved! How, you ask? Just email me, at with anything your little hearts desire. I promise, if it's fit to print, it'll be on the blog.


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