Tuesday, March 9, 2010

And that's the truth...

I'm going to share some sunshine with you. This morning I remembered a song I loved called, "The Middle" by Jimmy Eats World. It's a perfect song for encouragement.


Point number two, I have to keep disciplining myself to be present in the moment, to enjoy it and embrace it, and not waste too much energy worrying about the future. The theory that says the path is the whole point? I'm pretty confident it's true. If we're so focused on the end goal, if we're so busy scrambling to climb over each other and get to the top of the hill that we neglect the entire epic journey that led us there, then what's the point? We won't have understood anything, we won't have grown, and worst of all, we won't have learned to authentically love. And by the way, no, I don't care how many eye-rolls or groans I get, I stand by the notion that love is the entire reason for our existence. Period. Nothing else. And everything we do must be an expression of, a demonstration of that love. It's our true nature. This whole life is a struggle to remember it above the sound of our own egos.

So love somebody selflessly. It doesn't even have to be me (though, that would be AWESOME).

Talk to ya later, sweet ones.

Love... that's right, I said it,


Tracitalynne said...

Please tell me someone else read the title and thought of Lily Tomlin in a giant rocking chair and went, "Ppbbllltt".

Also, you be as sappy as you wanna be, girl. It's adorable. Literally, I adore you for it. Especially since it is tempered with such...smirkyness. Best combo ever.

To The Love Fest!

Jen said...

I'm so glad you embrace my brand of smirky love, Traci. Makes it so much easier on the both of us. ;)