Monday, March 8, 2010

Revelations, by request, numero tres...


One of my especially fantabulous readers recently left a nifty question on the Seers of Light forum ( regarding the nature of the energy shared during and after love scenes. I thought it was an awesome question, and so I'm putting it (with permission, of course), along with my response here in my blog:

"Hey Jen!

Do you think you could talk a bit more about what happens between William and Lily when know...uh, at the end of Happy Naked Time? :) It seems that you were talking about a more-awesome-than-usual commingling of energies, and I wondered if you had any more to say about it. There are so many theories out there about the nature of energy and the universe, especially in Eastern traditions, and I know you are influenced by such. I read a book years ago by Mantak Chia (there is a book for boys and a book for girls. ahem), and some of the concepts are similar, especially William's being a healer and the similarity in energies used in the aforementioned Hand-gasms, hee! (yes, please!)Would love to hear your thoughts!


Well, now. This is a fun question. ;) Okay, to explain, there's a belief in the power of healing energy in eastern philosophy called Reiki. It has to do with the idea that one can transfer or transmit their energy from their palms (though, I'd imagine other parts as well), to another person.

In Seers of Light, William is twice gifted. While he possesses the advanced-sensorial abilities of a vampire, he is also a Sentient whose specialty is the harnessing and utilization of the soul's healing energy. He can manipulate, concentrate and move sensations, not only because of his flair for healing transference, but also due to those vampiric traits that directly influence the recipient's perceptions and feelings at the time. In other words... "handgasms."

At the end of the aforementioned scenes, there is mention of Lily's surprise to find that her "lightline" seems to be blending with William's. (Remember Katrina's comment about a "fated-blend"?) Well, the phenomenon that occurs with each instance of their being together has a root in the thought that all energies are in their perfect state when united with the Source (spirit, God, however you want to refer to him/her/it.) And because of Lily and William's bond (and, I suspect, the extra evolved state of their souls), the joining was as near to this perfection as they'd likely get in this lifetime.

Hope that makes sense and sheds some light on the subject! Thanks for the questions, guys. It's wonderful to talk to you!



Missie said...

Holy............ *flatlines*

Missie said...

So.... there is no chance that William would have a one night stand with an adoring fan? Even bad sex is still sex William!

Jen said...

If I could give you all your own personal Williams to do with as you desire, I would. Alas, I can't do precisely that... but I can certainly keep him alive via writing.


Missie said...

Oddly enough... this satisfies me! :D