Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Any of you interpret dreams...?

Maybe you can help me with this one. I had another dream about the sea. Only, instead of my watching someone else get slammed by a tsunami, I was in the middle of the sea, being repeatedly pummeled by monster wave after wave. It was all I could do to keep my head above the water, and even then... not so much. Later in the dream, I watched cars riding along a road that was being inundated by a storm surge...again, from the ocean.

Now, I could take the basic route of understanding and say I feel overwhelmed by the things coming at me in life. But I'm not a dream expert, so if anyone really knows what the blazes is going on, let me know.

Random observations:

~Yogurt does not taste good to me first thing in the morning.
~Missouri's weather is annoyingly unpredictable. How can I go walking if people are talking about the possibility of tornados?
~If you drink water too fast, you get sick.
~I love you.


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