Monday, February 15, 2010

Last day of the countdown!

Your final quote:

“What is he?” Clara said, concern finally registering in her eyes.

“Not human. He lusts for their flesh,” she said with a sob. An instant later she was gone, and the air around us warmed almost immediately.

Clara’s face went dark. “Incubus,” she said, backing up and sitting down on the bedside.

So, tomorrow is the day! Seers of Light will finally be released, and I'm strangely calm about it. I feel like I've already rallied my bum off on its behalf, and it's comical, because people haven't even had a chance to read the book yet to see what I'm always jabbering on about.

Aaah, sigh. Let me just drive home how much I care about these characters and their world. I'm on a mission, *cue James Bond music*, to invite people into the Seers-verse and get them excited about it. Why? Because those characters have a mind of their own. They want you to know them... I'm telling you... *cue men with white jackets* But seriously, I have no control over them anymore. They simply demand you read their story and that's that. Especially that Anna. She's a pest.

So, how 'bout you read that book, ladies and gents, and see if you get my drift? I'll make it easy for you:

Thanks for sticking with me.


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