Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Deep Breaths

Okay. I've reached the nervous point now, LOL. My grace period of blissful zen about the book is faded a bit, to be replaced by... OH EM GEE. It's on the market. And now I have to try and get people to read it based on the fact that I love it so, and believe in it.

Heck, I'm a baby author. I'm at the bottom of the pole. And many getting into this business have at least some kind of pull or influence or people in high places. But I don't. All I have is a story... and though I know and feel incredibly strongly that the story is well worth reading and loving, now is the time when I have to work to spread that to others.

Can I do it?

Will people be receptive?

Will they throw limp noodles at me when I try to tell them about Abram, my Seer, who is unassumingly lovable, or William... who charms my pants off and will likely do the same to others... or Anna, who just can't control her own boldness? Who can say? But I'm going to brave it and pimp Seers of Light regardless. Because when you love something, you want the world to know.

Viva la Seers!!

Available for purchase!


Steelers 4 Life!! said...

You worry too much. Just go out and do it, Jen!!! I can't wait to read your work and I think I'm talking to someone who is gonna make if they try!!!

Jennifer said...

Sign me up for pimpage, lol! I may not have read this story yet, but I know what kind of writing and imagination to expect from you, so I'm sure I'll love it. I'm so happy for you! I have no doubt that your belief in the story will pay off. I hope you enjoy the excitement and hoopla of today more than the dealing with the nerves.

Love ya, hun!! Have fun :-)

Tracitalynne said...

Okay, just ordered it. I adore that the catagory it is in is called "paranormal romance". Heh. Good luck!