Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pop quiz

Today I'd like to talk about a book character without mentioning his/her name. That okay? Er... well, let me explain (vaguely). Gosh, I'm a pain.

Kay, so when I was writing Seers, something really frustrating/fun started happening. I had attempted to plan things out, you see. I had thought I knew who went where and with what/whom... but then, as I wrote further and this new character emerged, that all changed. In fact, this character smirked their way into my life with such subtle finesse that I never really saw it coming. They, essentially, took over my damned novel.

So, my question to those of you who have just started or are about to start reading Seers of Light is... who am I talking about?

Call this a pole. I'm pretty darned certain you'll figure it out. Talk amongst yourselves.



Katie said...

I know I know!!!
Smirks to self
Damn I love being the sister of the author :)

Jen said...