Saturday, January 9, 2010

This is going to be a wild ride

Good evening, dear ones. It's been 24 hours since Omnific Publishing announced that my novel would be released next month. Already, I've had such an outpouring of love and wonderful responses that I just want to take a moment to acknowledge them.

For anyone who has sent me emails, messages, twitters, etc with supportive words about Seers of Light, thank you. I know those are just two little overused words, but honestly, I mean them.

I thought I'd tell you a little about the belief system that served as the foundation for a lot of the philosophy in my novel. I've mentioned before that I was raised in a very strictly religious atmosphere, and so it was expected of me to follow these ideals throughout my lifetime. But, as is most often the case, I grew up, and thought and thought and contemplated, and considered and rethought everything I'd ever been taught. And the utter confusion led me to seek my own truth, to find what I knew was buried beneath creeds and rule books, that inherent understanding of what I truly needed to know.

I'm not sure if any of the above makes sense yet, but bear with me while I explain. Once I'd reached my early twenties, I knew that I believed in a higher power. I believed in one, but I didn't know who or what it/he/she was, or how this energy worked. So, being a rather inquisitive kind of person, I turned to the most grassroots kind of research regarding afterlives and God and whatnot that I could think of... the near death experience.

Now, I didn't have one, mind you--and let's hope it stays that way for a long time! But, I read my booty off for months and months, drank in every encounter and every study I could find regarding people's claims of near death experiences. And these things were fascinating. They were fascinating, but more than that, they were all so stunningly similar, coming from people from all walks of life, all points in history, and the details were often so similar it really made me think that some of them might just be telling the truth.

And best of all was the overwhelming message of hope, of love, of perfect calm and "we're all going to be okay" that these experiences most often delivered. So much of what I read just sat well with me, for the first time in a life full of forced religion.

So, I read books like The Five People You Meet in Heaven, and Conversations With God, books that my old school Catholic grandmother (God love her) would have twelve strokes in a row over, and I ate them up. They just delivered a message that needed sharing... the idea that we're missing the bigger picture, all of us. And that we are all here for a simple purpose.

A few years after all this youthful soul-searching, my loved ones suffered two heart-breaking losses in succession, and as a result, I decided to begin writing, to put my heart and a version of my philosophies into something that would bring me some comfort. That is how Seers of Light was born, and it became something of its own making. As you'll often hear a writer say, the story was writing me. But... more on that next blog. :)

As always, you have my heart.


Steelers 4 Life!! said...

Very wonderful read. You took a Fox Mulder approach to the one of mankind's greatest question and you thought and studied instead of taking the word of someone. Very commendable. I really cannot wait to read your book. Your penultimate line is, of course, true.

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