Friday, January 8, 2010

Because I can finally tell you!

As some of you may already know, the new publication house Omnific Publishing unveiled their first two novels slated for publication on February 16, 2010. My own book, Seers of Light, is one of them. There is a lot I want to say about this book, but heck if I really know where to start.

I guess at the beginning, huh? Well, I started writing Seers (allow me to call it that for now, since typing the whole title is terribly taxing *smirk*) back in 2007, and the venture served a few purposes in my life. For one, my family had just suffered the loss of some beloved figures, and the book was a means of comfort. Second, something just told me it was time to write this story.

As it turns out, everyone has a tale to tell, and this was the beginning of mine.

I believe in a lot of things, in the essential goodness in people, even when the cage of humanity can sometimes make it difficult to express our true nature. I believe in a higher purpose - the mysterious, bigger picture. And, while the old school religious ideologies of my youth just don’t sit well with me anymore, I believe, most ardently, in the energy of good. Seers of Light is an encompassment of my beliefs, with a lot of fun and spooky stuff thrown in. As it turns out, I'm a big fan of the paranormal. I love books that are psychologically suspenseful. Graphic violence isn't my bag, but the unexplainable… those things that go bump in a dark hallway or the shadow that crosses your window for no good reason? I'm all about them. On top of that, I'm incredibly passionate about a love story, and Seers just had to have one. Once I'd finished with the writing, I did like any good little author must, and edited the holy sack of whiskey out of it. I edited and edited and edited, and then... the real work began.

Try getting a book published in this economy, people. It's downright daunting! But, I trudged through the process anyway, believing that it would happen the way it was supposed to, in the right and perfect time.

I hadn't planned on a small press, let alone a new one! But, at the same time that Omnific approached me about editing for them, they also asked me about publishing my book. Right then, I was knee deep in query letters and synopses and those essential rejection letters, assuming I'd have to snag the attention of some monstrous publication house to pull this off. I had poured so much of my heart into this book, and my main desire was just to share it with people. So, although the offer from Omnific was kind of a surprise option for me, I wasn't afraid. My gut told me to be brave and take a leap of faith, to trust that the opportunity had presented itself for a reason and remain positive. So, I said yes, even realizing that my little story wouldn't start out packed onto shelves and display cases in every book store in America -- not yet, anyway. Still, my end goal was never to conquer the world. It was to shine a little light on it.

I just want to have as much fun sharing Lily's story with others as I did living it. It brings me inexcusable amounts of joy. So, to those of you who would like to disappear into a new world for a while (or just view your own in a different way), scoot on over to my author site (to your right), and check out my Seers of Light page, or check out Omnific Publishing (to your right) for details.

Thanks for listening, my friends. And have fun wandering around the trails in my head!

Love and gratitude,

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