Thursday, June 14, 2012

June Circle Excerpt and Blog Tour Invite!!

First of all, I wanted to mention to any interested book bloggers that they're invited to the Light Series Recap Tour, being organized by the wonderful Julie at A Tale of Many Reviews.  Established book bloggers who would like to participate will be offered the first two books in the trilogy, as well as an exclusive pre-read of Circle of Light, the last book in the series, for review. Circle won't be released for purchase to the general readership until October of 2012, so please contact traci.olsen@omnificpublishing ASAP and let her know if you want in on this!
Secondly, it's time for this month's teaser blurb for Circle! Did you think I'd forgotten? :) Here we go...


We were off guard with the recent calm, so when the sound of humming and weeping and breathing started blowing through the trees and brushing against us like gentle fingers, we stood still at once, our four Combatants poised and alert and the rest of us ready to repel like mad. 
Some kind of energy was gathering itself near. To our left, to our right, closer and closer from the surrounding depth of woods it wound itself toward the place where we stood. I tried not to let my trembling legs get the better of me. Rather, I stared into the trees so boldly as to convince myself—sort of—that I actually felt that way.
Then, just when the pitch had grown so powerful it matched a mourning whispered among throngs, the rush of noise stopped, and the air around us became cold and still.
I exhaled, and my breath came out in a miniature cloud. 


Tere1494 said...

Just one question: Is the tour international?

Wow I can not wait to read circle of light

Jen said...

Hello, my dear!! It is totally international! :)


Jennifer Lane said...

Awesome excerpt! Hey, are you doing the Lovestruck Giveaway Hop? I almost forgot about it but got my post up today.

Jen said...

Jen! I apparently wasn't. To say I've been behind with the dying of my old laptop is putting it mildly. Writing, editing, book promoting... But mamma's got a brand new toy, now. And I'm ready for action! ;)

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