Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Comprehensive Graphic Guide to THE MEN OF THE LIGHT SERIES.

Sure, sure, William and Christian, Christian and William. They get all the attention and introductions. They are the main love interests in The Light Series, after all. But there are a few other guys I should bounce 'round your radar for a moment, (don't worry, already fans, I'll give you some Christian and William, too), but I love all my guys. They have charms uniquely their own, that's for sure, and they all came to life in their own way. In Seers of Light, there is one particular male specimen who steals a few scenes with his shameless bravado. If fact, he's one of the first men that Lily meets in the new house. I'm referring to Mr. Paul DePrimo. We have a few ardent Pauly fans out there, my Italian Stallion lovers who can appreciate a simple, buff, soft hearted dolt like Paul. But he does take a while to grow on you. Yes, Paul can snap a vampire's neck without touching him, but he's also got a bit of a bug phobia.
Whisper of Light brings us some important male roles, too... and I hardly ever mention them. But they deserve a feature. So let's talk about Raj a little, shall we?
Rajeep is one of Nicole's closest childhood friends--and he's wise beyond his years. Humble, quiet, and kind, Raj is a lovely catch...oh, and one hell of a cook!

Seriously, there's no way I can pass up this post without
bringing Gil (or Gilford Boyd) into the mix. An important character in Whisper, Gil is a caffeine addicted techie Geek with an Intelligence Endowment...and a bit of a complex. Plus, he's a super hero, don't you know. Just ask him.

Now that I've given all my boys some fair play, I'll leave you with a little (ok, a BIG) William and Christian graphic. Also, I'm starting to get really excited. There are a lot of things to reveal as the release of Circle of Light approaches. Everything from the trailer song, the trailer itself and the cover, to teaser quotes, reviews and much more! Gosh it's fun. :) All right. Here's the sexy. I'm out!


Tere1494 said...

WOWWWWWWWW I´m drewling haha
THIS POST IS AMAZING... Is totally acurrate althought I imagined Will a bit hotter
But GIL!! He was my favorite character seeing this I can´t wait to read the third book ^^

Jen said...

Tere...Gil was a major player in book two, but not in book three. Just so you have a head's up! Circle of Light takes it back to William and Lily...and Christian. And more. ;) You'll see. And I just loved putting this post together. It was a pleasure.


Jennifer Lane said...

Great to get to know ALL the men, including Pauly Pockets!

Jen said...

LOL! Pauly Pockets, you say? ;) You're a hoot.

Marian Vere said...

Hmmm... Lovely! ;D

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