Friday, October 7, 2011

Rock Your Own Life!

Have you noticed, lately, an increase in the moving and shaking of life? People are going after things, being brave, creating, endeavoring, dreaming big and then making it real.

There's something in the air, guys. I mean it. I'm not sure exactly what, but I'm telling you, now is the time to go with your gut and scare yourself. It's a rich and fertile energy out there. No wasting it!

I just wanted to create this post to give you a few affirmations I think we could all use. Yes, this is going to be a Jen the Cheerleader pom-pom waving, just in case there was any question. I wanted to say the following to get you going:

First, you cannot fail. There's no such thing...dead serious. Because failure is something defined by a fixation on a specific outcome. The concept of "failure" stems from forgetting that the most important aspects of life are the stepping stones, not the cottage at the end of the path. You get me? It doesn't matter how "it" turns out, whatever your "it" may be. Results are always more amazing when they spin off, accidentally, from a life full of adventure.

Second, (broken record much?) you attract what you put out. So, if you're someone who wants to be optomistic about everything but you keep running into other people's walls of cynicism, screw 'em... lovingly, of course. You know what they say about cynics? They're jaded optomists. But you know what else? They're optomists who were obsessed with outcomes! See where I'm going with this?

I know that sometimes focusing on an outcome/the future gets you through things more easily. When I was a kid, I got by with a constant hope for resolution, for a better life, for less hurt. Looking forward seemed like my saving grace. But, as the late Steve Jobs said, you can't connect the dots looking forward, only back, so I couldn't understand how the things that were happening could possibly be of any good to anyone. I was wrong, of course. They were super important. They taught me the most valuable life lessons ever--namely, what I didn't want to be. Luckily, once you've passed that, you can start to appreciate what you are.

Something more: Do you speak and live your truth, even if others can't stand you for it? Even if I can't stand you for it? If it's in your heart and it feels exactly right, if it comes from a sense of fairness and love, that is a good measure of whether or not you should be living it. Some people speak their truth more gently, more reservedly, some sing it from a mountain top. Whatever your style is, being true to yourself is vital. Miracles tend to happen when we do--and when we allow the same for others. Believe in your own mind. No matter what anyone else says or how they try to force you into gulping down their ideology pills, you do what feels right to you. And yes, that includes my YOU ROCK ramblings, too. ;)

Finally, before you doubt your worth and chicken out, I need you to understand that you are seriously, actually and deeply beautiful. I don't care about your age, body type, your race, your supposed flaws. Nowadays, concepts of beauty are a delusion created by someone else. Cultures, generations gone by have always defined beauty completely differently, and our own has quite the monopoly on cut-out dolls and conveyer belt models, but remember this: That does not mean it's true! It doesn't mean it's real. It means that someone else had enough power and enough money and influence for enough time that they convinced others of the same. And we're so very eager to fit in, so folks tend to buy it... at first. Think outside the box, though, just for a minute, and that mess starts to dissolve away.

Do one thing a week that pushes you for the rest of the month. Hard as I know it is, do specifically those things that test the limits of your fears and insecurities, even if they're just small things, at first. Put yourself out there, with an invisibly extended energy that says, I'm ready... I'm scared shitless, but I'm ready. BRING IT ON, UNIVERSE. And see what happens. And then be prepared, because if you say it and you really mean it, things will start to happen. More of those colorful, fateful stepping-stones will spring up and start coaxing you along toward cool things that you couldn't have made up ahead of time to save your life.

This is SO a time to be manifesting your own good, my friends. So do it! Start inviting in the bigger plan and let it happen. We can be scared and excited together. I want to know the things you do. Tell me about them! Post them here or email me or send me messages. I'll do my best to egg you on. ;)

Love you. Be brave!

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