Monday, October 10, 2011

My First Ever CD Song. *Sniff*

Now that book three is essentially written, in initial drafts, anyway, I've been able to start my CD project. My friend Chris (from Cluthe/Lee Music) helped me with laying the title track for said CD yesterday and he is mixing it, as well. (Btw, I don't know that Chris realized this IS the title, surprise, Chris! Heh.) It's going to be more of a short, sampler CD, with about five songs on it, I think, so I'm choosing wisely. Anyway, this is probably not the final, final mix of the song, but it's close enough and I thought I'd share. The song is called "We've Sailed Here", and the story behind it is thus: I believe that we have the potential for real soul mates in life (more than one, probably), and this song is about finding them. It doesn't have to be romantic (though I am a total romantic). It can relate to any kind of destined relationship. I'm nervous about letting you hear this, because it's so intimate, but it's now or never. Lyrics are below the player. :)

I'll see you where earth meets sky
I'll read you in between the shadows and the lies
A moment will feel like an eternity gone by
And it will stop all time. It will stop all time.

I'll know you. My mystery
Unraveled, the pages that have born your history
Forget all the things we used to think would make us free
And we will finally be. We will finally be.

Hold on, hold in they say. But I won't hold back that day.

Your face in a broken dream
Replacing and filling any holes inside of me
And taking the last of a deceived reality
And we will finally be. We will finally be.

Hold on, hold in they say. But I won't hold back that day...

We've sailed here, we've raised that mast
In circles, in years have come and gone in lifetimes past
The questions were answered every time we thought to ask
And everything shall last. And everything shall last.

Take heart, take time, they say. But, I'll take what's mine that day.


Sassy Gemini Mom said...

Absolutely beautiful lyrics, paired with breathtaking music and sung by an angel.

Thank you so much for sharing this.

Jen said...

Sassy... *blush* You're always so awesome. Thanks for being such a cool chick.


Jennifer Lane said...

Your voice is so pretty!