Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Are you in the Flow?

I know sometimes I write about things that might cause some people to look at me strangely, but, I feel too passionate about them to care. :) I talk a lot about creating your bliss, about making your dreams come true. And that's because I just REALLY badly want to see people happy. This life is short. Grab it, use it.

I'm a strong proponent of the concept (with a lot of scientific evidence to back it up) that the matter of reality is alterable dependent upon our most predominant state of mind, or our "output" of energy, so to speak. Whatever you repeatedly feel, you create, because that's what emotional energy you're sending out to the universe as a need or a fear... that's the way you're affecting matter and so it's what you're attracting to you. Some call it the Law of Attraction. Some call it The Secret, etc. It started sinking in as I read so many stories about NDE's (near death experiences) several years ago, which then lead me to read tons more about the physics and logic behind the whole "higher power" thing. I like to research, you see. I like evidence. So, what recurred again and again was this idea that, basically, whoever or whatever you believe as a God or the creating force or intelligence behind the cosmos, has given us this life to express love in all ways possible, to experience and to learn, and to, quite literally, co-create our own existence. We've got this unthinkable, potential-filled life force of a soul that animates us and connects us to all living beings--the energy of all creation. Make sense? Man, I hope so. Unless you think I'm nuts, in which case, you can find consolation in the fact that I'm exceptionally cute and a very good kisser.

Back to the topic. A lot of the people in these NDE experiences are left insisting that we purposely forget reality when we do the human thing and are inherently born with the ability to have and experience life as we wish, that is, once we realize that obstacles are often self-created. It's an idea that has really focused and molded me in the last several years, especially after I started putting it to use. (Not that I really grasped it at first. For some reason, it's kind of hard to understand, and even harder to practice. I think we're used to believing life has to be hard all the time, and that we can't have what we want without constantly fighting an uphill battle.)

Ours minds are full of recordings, some good, some awful, and the thoughts that tend to repeat themselves the most (no matter how subconsciously) are the ones that end up determining the outcome of our lives.

I can't do it.

I'm not good enough.

I'm not ready.

I'm not worthy.

I'm not wantable.

I'm ugly.

I'm fat.

I'm stupid.

That's just how I am.

That's just how it is.

These things sound really familiar to me, I don't know about you. For as many years as we waste thinking these thoughts, we are putting a hell of a lot of unwitting energy into ensuring they come true. Letting go of the beliefs that hold us back is probably the most difficult task we can undertake as human beings. We spend our whole lives, it seems, fighting a battle with ourselves and blaming everything and everyone else for our perceived failures and disappointments. We're probably just complicating things. Maybe altering our own minds and thoughts for the positive is the key to altering our physical reality. Yeah, yeah, positive thinking, New Age sounding mumbo jumbo, blah blah. But I'm not trying to trump some kind of niche spirituality here. I'm just sharing what's helped me and hoping more people will believe in their innate goodness and their very real ability to be and do what they truly want. I can't stand all the settling going on out there. We're taught to settle, aren't we? "Don't count your chickens," they say. "Don't expect much and you won't be disappointed," they say.

You know. Depressing. I'm totally not going to follow that advice, but thank you!

It's a great comfort to be able to sit with a feeling that all is well, in spite of what outter circumstances may suggest. It's a great comfort to hold a knowing of good things, rather than a fear of bad ones. Just try it. Try repeating an affirmation of gratitude for what you have, whether you have it or not, as an act of faith. Repeat it over and over, until you feel it sink deep down into you like an echo. Don't just say something on the surface. Repeat it to yourself until you feel it, because I think that's where it counts... that's where the proverbial magic happens. Once you manage that, there comes a state of peace that a lot of people refer to as being "in the flow". It's something you may not always manage, but, the good thing is that, once you've felt it, you at least know when you're not!

I am aching...aching, I tell you, to see a world of people who are too happy to fight, too blissful to be angry, bitter, jealous, fearful. Maybe somebody will read these little blogs and think I'm sniffin' the glue. Maybe some people will read them and think there's actual merit to what I'm saying. Either way, I'm sharing it. I'm sharing it in my books, sharing it in my music. And I'm trying, trying, trying to share it with my life.

Until next time,


Mandy said...

I really love your upbeat attitude and blog posts!!

Jen said...

Thank you, Mandy! SO glad to hear it.


Wendy Tyler Ryan said...

Your last paragraph says it all. I want all of that - always have.

Bryan R. Dennis said...

Hi, new follower here, found you through the hop. Have a great weekend!

My blogfest giveaway is at: Indie Snippets

Bella said...

You positive outlook on life is something I need to adopt. Things have been bad lately. Thanks for your post!

Historical Writer/Editor said...

These are wonderful words. Thanks for sharing them. I wish you the best! -laura

Glory said...

"Don't expect much and you won't be disappointed"

For my shame, that's my motto. yeah, it's pretty depressing but hey, every time i have too much expectation i came out depressed and sad. (i can't explain very good, my english is bad)

anyway i always hope that life is better in the furture... *sigh*

Jen said...

Thanks, guys!! Always excited to meet new folks via blogspot! :)

And Glory, I think the problem is that we have expectations... very specific ones... and we hold onto them very tightly and inflexibly. If we let go of what we think ought to be and release control to what should be, things tend to end up much better than you imagined possible. :)


Nicki Elson said...

You have much wisdom for a young 'un. "An affirmation of gratitude"---I like that and will endeavor to do it more often. I've recently experienced for myself how a simple change to a more positive attitude can turn a flailing relationship into one that turns out to be quite enjoyable. :)

I predict that you are going to LOVE an upcoming Omnific release, The Guardian's Wild Child. Scheduled for early fall. A lot of what you said here brought it to mind.