Thursday, January 20, 2011

Leaving or Staying, Audio Chats and Blog Tours.

As I sit here and freeze in my fluffy pink socks, life, it keeps a'changin'. Last time I updated about my moving status was a couple of months ago (when I said that it looked like I was headed for Seattle in the spring). Well, the spring will be sprung soon enough, and while I'm still looking forward to spending some time in Seattle, plans have altered, as plans often do, and things look to be headed in a decidedly more subtly scary direction. And sure, it can be both things at once. Trust me.

For a while there, my state of mind resembled a Scarlet O'Hara-esque back of the hand on forehead type "where shall I go, what shall I do?" reaction. I've been pretty well clueless, just going with the flow of emotion, the fear and hope and faith. I really wanted to escape what I didn't think I could face--an ended relationship that turned my life upside down. Though I'm still quite nervous and on occasion sad (and okay, sometimes even pissy) about the whole thing, I do understand that it was actually a blessing in disguise. This I've known for quite a while.

In about a month and a half I'll be moving into my own place here in Missouri, and the circumstances around the move are pretty perfect. A dear friend of mine has this lovely home that backs up to a lake, and attached to said home is a little living space that was, apparently, waiting for me to move into it. If there's anything I need in this transitional period of my life, it's to get my bearings. But if there's anything else I need, it's to be inspired, and I am pretty confident that I'll be feeling the muse. Something that always struck me when I visited my soon to be neighborhood before was the peacefulness of it all. There are no car sounds... I swear to you. All you hear is breeze and trees rustling and birds. It's incredible. Soul-restorative, even. The cool thing is, I didn't see this coming. It was the perfect circumstance, a lovely, insightful friend, an inspiring setting, a familial atmosphere, and for the first time in years, time that is mine to use as I choose. Here I thought I'd be lonely and depressed and whoa is me (insert more hand against forehead action here), but it occurs to yours truly that the next year is meant to be a major breeding ground for creation and a launch pad for awesome.

Remember how I said that I wanted to combine my novels with my music? Well, starting this weekend, my amazing friend Chris, of the band Cluthe/Lee Music, will be assisting me with recording my first CD (something else I didn't quite see coming. Do you see how this works? Trust and openness can do amazing things.) I'll be working on this music in the next year, along with finishing up book three in the Light Series, which is slated for release late this June. The plan is to save up for... and here's where it gets scary... for a tour that will last six months or a year. During said tour, I'd be singing to you and reading to you. Also, I'd love to do a host sign up, if any of you would be willing to have me as a guest for a few days. But I'm getting ahead of myself. First, do the work, have the faith.

Before I go, let me take a minute to remind you guys that the Light Series Blog Tour is going on right now! If you check out the Author Events page of my blog, you'll get a run down of coming events and participating blogs, and remember that each of these blogs/sites will be giving away a set of Light Series ebooks to their readers. There are a lot of cool things to look forward to, like character interviews and reviews and guest blogs, there is even a live audio chat with me, hosted by the rockin' ladies at the Mystical Lit Lounge. It'll be taking place HERE on Wed, 1/26, beginning at 8:30pm Central time. This will be so much fun, because I'll actually get a chance to TALK to you guys and chat with you live. Anyone who has a mic can yap at me, but you can text chat along, as well, if you prefer.

I hope you're all staying warm! We've had storm after storm with more on the way around here. Brr. Ready for spring!!

Love you,


Stephanie said...

It's funny that you should post this, as I was just wondering about it. My mom, aunt, and uncle live in Urbana, which is only about 2 hours for you. So maybe one of these days when we visit them, I can visit you for a couple of hours as well. Because of Logan's surgery, we actually know our way around Columbia a bit. Anyway, so glad that so many things are going so right and fit with what you need right now. Truly a blessed thing!

Jen said...

You are such a doll! And I would be so happy to hang out with you, my friend. Just drop me a line when you're in town and we'll go out! Yay!


Spring said...

You know you're always welcome here on your tour or sooner. :)

Jennifer Lane said...

Sounds like a lovely refuge, Jen. Seattle's awesome but I'm glad you'll be staying in the midwest (is that what you consider Missouri?) How exciting about the music opportunity! Rock it, chica.