Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Light Series and Connections -- The Why's of Book Two

Happy Sunday, bloggers. It's about time for a fresh post! Let's have a little chat, shall we?

Today I wanted to talk to you guys about book two, Whisper of Light. And, to be more specific, I wanted to explain how important the concept of connections is to me. By connections, I mean that invisible rope that binds everyone together--the few degrees from this person to the next to the next that all interlap and impact the lives around them, whether they realize it or not.

In Seers of Light, you have this set up of characters and this paranormal story told from the perspective of newbie Sentient, Lillian Hunt. I've learned how incredibly loyal a lot of you are to Lily. In fact, some of you feared even reading Whisper of Light once you learned that Lily and William would not be the focus. Luckily, though, it seems the readers get it once they've finished with Whisper... they see why the story was important, even if it wasn't full of quite as much flash and fear and action as Seers was. Thanks for giving it a chance, by the way.

So, what does this have to do with connection? Only everything. :) Fact is, we go through life meeting and befriending and loving and bumping into or hardly noticing people all the time. We affect the energy of their lives and the outcome, as well. It's like the butterfly effect, but, better... because in the Seers world, and I believe in our world, as well, these connections are perfectly placed, they're completely needed. They're maneuverings of the universe to bring us all the happiness we could ever dream of. And you only need to keep the faith and believe in your own purpose.

Look at Lily and Christian. They meet in book one--they become fast friends, sure. He saved her life, after all, and now they have to share a house. Of course, Christian's ideas of what their relationship should be are very different from Lily's... a point which causes definite issues all around. Disaster, yes? Tragedy for Christian, right? You know what? Not at all.

Once Katrina and the Northwest Sentients come into town, we learn very briefly of a girl named Nicole Abbot--a non-Sentient in Northern Cali with a life that seems anything but enviable. And then you move on through the rest of Seers and forget all about her. Just like life, right? Have you ever barely made someone's acquaintance only to find that they would hugely impact your life some time later? You look back on when you first met and think, wow, that's amazing. It's almost like it was meant to be...


Christian had no idea what he really wanted or needed in Seers. Most of us don't in the very start of things. We have to trial and error. We try to be someone else for a while before we realize how pointless the practice is. We try to make others into what we need before we understand how big a mistake we're making. Christian tried to force a connection, he was trying to make it into something it was never intended to be, when his relationship with Lily and her purpose in his life was already exactly as it needed to be.

William Maddox was another connection. Christian needed him most desperately of all, because William forced the Combatant to look at himself and change his life. He made Christian deal with his demons. And the William/Lily connection also forced Christian Wright to leave Abram's group, which was, in keeping with the purpose of connection theme, precisely what had to happen.

Nicole Abbot could not have guessed any of the connections that she'd made in her life would actually amount to anything, considering how out of place she was. How could anything in the Sentient world relate to her? How could she possibly be any kind of integral part of it, a vital player in the lives of the people around her? Why was she still in this house full of gifted souls who seemingly had no use for her? What was it all about?

Enter Christian Wright.

So, connections. In the books and in our lives, I am passionate about them, and I wanted you to see, before I moved on to the Lily/William-ness of book three, how every life, no matter how small it seems, no matter how hopeless, is exactly perfect, exactly needed. Each connection is precious to someone, somewhere finding their happiness. And, in the end, all I want is for these books to remind you to find yours.

Love you.

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CarolOates said...

Jen, what you have said about connections. I talk about it several times in Shades of Atlantis. One of the characters has a very unusual way of explaining how people come in and out of our lives exactly when we need them.

What was said on FB about soulmates is also discussed, it's something I strongly believe in, that certain people have a purpose in your life even if it's no immidiatly apparent.

Sometimes the person plays a major role or it could even be as little as the person who let you jump the line to catch a train where you end up sitting next to the love of your life. :-)

Sometimes we need a little push to get us where we need to be. So many connections in life are important no matter how small.