Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What's your Light Series Personality Type?

There are a lot of characters to choose from in The Light Series, and it's always interesting for me to see which one my readers most identify with. I've chosen some of my favorite ones to use as examples. Let's break it down and be honest. Read below and tell me who you're most like.

Are you a William Maddox? Do you tend to be more observant, less impulsive? Do you have more patience than the average person? Are you amused by the quirks of others?
William doesn't say a lot, so when he does speak, it's significant. He's a corner lurker, never wanting to make others uncomfortable, never wanting to be overbearing. But, when someone behaves badly, William's keen observance and sharp tongue make him a bit of a smart ass. He just can't help himself. William knows when to stand back and let others learn their own lessons.

Are you a Christian Wright? Oh, come on, admit it. There are a lot of Christian Wrights out there. Heroic-minded people, always wanting to jump to someone's rescue, full of good intentions that tend to go a bit overboard sometimes? Christian has a top notch heart. He's fiercely loyal and a total family man. He's a grudge holder, though. You don't want to piss him off. But, once you've won him over, there's no better friend to have on your side.

Are you a Lily Hunt? Are you passionate and deeply loving, with a habit of acting before thinking things through? Are you a bit too independent for some people's tastes? Lily hates it when people try and fight her battles for her, even if, perhaps, she ought to let them. She is incredibly affectionate and emotional, due to her empathic nature, and cries more than the average person. She is also prone to letting other people's emotions get to her.

Are you like Nicole Abbot? She's is a bit of a wallflower, it's true. Ever humble and soft-spoken, Nicole tends to let others have the spotlight a lot of the time, though she's extremely talented, visionary and perceptive. Her devotion to her loved ones can be to a fault, and she sometimes lets people take advantage of her kindnesses.

Are you an Anna Wright? Shy is not in her vocabulary. She's a bit of a ham, and she lacks a censor, often spitting out whatever is on her mind quite shamelessly. She'll tell you like it is, whether you want her to or not, but, she's also a pillar of strength emotionally and generous as can be.

What about a Gilford Boyd? Those who have read Whisper of Light will recognize Gil as the techie geek with the Intelligence Endowment. Gil is addicted to caffeine, can be somewhat self-deprecating and moody, but he's staunch in his opinions. In spite of his inferiority complex, he comes through in the end.

Are you like Paul DePrimo? Do you tend to flex your muscles or flaunt your tight bod? Maybe you come off as conceited to some, but under all that macho flash and charm is the desire for some old fashioned love and attention. You're an all around teddy bear.

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Tracitalynne said...

Ha. I seem to be, with self-assessment, anyway, a William/Anna combo. That's ... odd. But then, I have been called exactly that, more than once! :D