Friday, October 15, 2010

Would you like an Excerpt?

Cuz I owe you a good one! Did you notice that I skipped last week's? *ducks* To save my neck, I did reveal the trailer and cover and blurb for Whisper, instead, so perhaps you'll go easy on me, eh?

Excerpt below, you magnificent creatures:

“Christian, this is Nicole…Duncan’s daughter, if you remember,” Wendell said in introduction. “I talked about her.”
Christian smiled politely, and that small gesture made him look even more stunning. “Yes. The miracle worker, right?” He extended his hand. “Good to see you, Nicole.”
What the hell sort of bullshit exaggerations had Wendell been feeding him?
“I’m…” I laughed, nervously. “I’m not…nice to meet you, too,” I said. “I mean, I meant…that it’s nice to meet you, but I’m not a miracle worker.” Oh, God!
He chuckled at my rambling, and my face burned again. Ugh! Close your mouth, Nicole! You may never speak words again for as long as you live!



Katherine C. Teel said...

This is the scene with the leaves that grow on...things... I love it! My daughter might do a passage from WoL as a competitive piece. After it's published, of course.

Jen said...

*snugs Kathy* That is so neat! Is it for an acting class/club of some kind? (The term evades me, but I know there's a specific kind of club for elocution/dramatic acting lessons. WHAT is the name of it? I will lose sleep over this, I know I will. Does it end in "sics?") I keep wanting to say forensics, but obviously that's not right, is it? Wait... it is! Ah, I feel much better now. Don't you love how I ramble on to myself? Don't worry about me. I'll be juuuust fine. *fidgets*


Meghan said...

Yay!! it's soooo close now! i'm getting anxious just thinking about it. woot!!

The Itzel Library said...

OMG! I can´t wait for read Whispers! Awesome excerpt! Just enough to whet the appetite and I'm hungry.


Laura said...

My insides have been tickled! Squee.