Friday, October 15, 2010

Giveaways, contests, BOO!!!

Oh my stars, this is a time for giving things away!! I'm just now getting in more books to ship out to winners of various contests from the last several weeks, and here we have something totally-ottally sweet once again! In fact... this is extra cool, because with it comes a spooky real life story, as well. Hope you like getting creeped out!

So, here are the deets. The awesomely awesome women over at A Life Bound By Books have been doing a Halloween Bonanza this month, and it includes real life scary tales from some wonderful authors! Kindly, this super blog asked me to participate, and so my post is up today. We'll be giving away both a signed copy of Seers of Light and a promised copy of Whisper of Light! So give them a visit, comment on their awesomeness (which is SUPERsized), and hopefully you'll win!

Haunted Halloween at A Life Bound By Books!



Tracitalynne said...

Jennifer, you are seriously the only person in the world not named Mildred who says "Oh my stars". Adorable. :)

Jen said...

Heee. *blushes* It's true I have... unique speech patterns... but you love me anyway? ;)

Tracitalynne said...

Of course I do. Goofy is an aphrodisiac to me. :)

The Itzel Library said...

Hey Jennifer!
I hope you have international giveaway, I'm dying to read Whispers of Light. I just got my copy of Seers of Light. After the draw that I did with the copy that you sent me for review, could not be quiet without Maddox (and Lillian, of course) on my bookshelf.



Jen said...

Yelania, if you enter the contest at A Life Bound By Books blog, it is international! (See my earlier blog if you need a link.)

Keep your eyes open. There will be more opportunities.