Friday, September 24, 2010

Weekend Teaser Time!! Whisper quote, anyone?

It's that time again! Every Friday until the novel's release, I post a Whisper of Light teaser quote here on my blog for you guys. Here's your present for this week:

“Nicole.” She ran up behind me. “You want to marry him.” She laughed. “You want to bring him slippers in the morning and sit on his lap and have his babies! Admit it! Tell the truth!”

I stopped, half incensed, half worn out. “The truth?” I narrowed my eyes. “The truth is that he’s galaxies out of my league, Laura. It doesn’t matter if I love him, because he’s…he’s the top of the Empire State Building, and I’m the subway! The Christian Wrights of this world want something special. They don’t want me. Not for the long haul.


Book Crazy Jenn said...

OMG OMG OMG...this is SOOO not fair!!! *AHHHH*

OHHH Christian...I can NOT wait to see how this comes out...

Anya said...

Oh my God...I feel sorry for's sad that she sees herself like that...but it's very easy too :D..I'm soo excited to see these too in actioan!!! lol
Thanks for the awesome teasers Jen!
I hope you're doing great :)


Jen said...

Jenn... I am sorry to cause you stress. *wink*

Anya, it's my pleasure. And I'm doing very well, thank you!

*hugs to you both*

Lisa said...

OMG! I'm so sad now! You must post a HAPPY spoiler to offset the sadness! (Though I'm sure she gets him in the end!)
*wipes tear away*