Saturday, June 12, 2010

Word to the Wise...

You know, I've been mulling something over for a few days, and I really need to get it off my chest.

See, some recent events have me questioning whether people have their eyes opened or not, and though I won't give any details of said events, I will say that it's awfully clear to me how corporate even the most once worthy of institutions have become. In fact, the all mighty dollar is so primary in importance to companies now that they're resorting to attempts at psychological manipulation disguised as motivational exercises. And the main theme seems to be a lack of individuality.

We're talking about the propagation of drone like workmanship--the shunning of diversity in thought and the decrying of human emotional involvement in decisions and reactions. And when any of these becomes the rule, and that kind of monopoly of human thought gets enough control, you're looking at a very scary portrait of society.

When did it become negative to feel and react from your heart? And when did it become the "wrong" reaction to disagree with or question or, God forbid, even resist something you don't agree with once in a while? The answer likely has a lot to do with the fact that corporations would absolutely rather you refrain from thinking too hard, feeling too strongly, because it interferes with the "scurry around like animals and gather breadcrumbs" agenda, and that is just plain insulting to any of us who have half a brain and ALL of a heart.

People, don't lose your individuality. Don't think that, in order to maintain your zen and peace, you have to forgo better judgment. You've got a brain for a reason--it's to remember your soul and fly higher with your life than you could possibly guess at once. So don't let anyone waste the best of your life or your energy, and don't be a sheep.


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