Sunday, June 13, 2010

Character Extras

Here's a fun project. I thought I'd list a few more character traits that were not included in the first novel, but might be interesting for the readers to know. I've had these milling around in my head for long enough:

William Maddox:
~Has a velvety singing voice.
~Can't smell things very well.
~Loves Van Morrison and James Taylor.
~Attracts children and small animals.
~Prefers the color green.
~Reads a lot of historical fiction.
~Is ambidextrous.
~Dislikes television with a passion.
~Can scratch any itch on your body with his mind.

Lillian Hunt:
~Has an innie belly button.
~Gets turned on by sarcasm.
~Has a super sensitive sense of smell.
~Cannot stand fish.
~Burns everything she tries to cook... even toast.
~Likes cats more than dogs.
~Likes dresses more than jeans.
~Favors very hot weather over cold.

Christian Wright:
~Will try any food once.
~Can bench 450.
~Lost his virginity when he was 16 (to a college girl on spring break.)
~Believes in monogamous relationships.
~Wants the kind of marriage that his parents had.
~Adores Foot Ball (soccer, to Americans), and is exceptionally good at it.
~Is very fond of hugs.
~Once carried an old woman across a flooded road.

Anna Wright:
~Has an extensive collection of adult toys.
~Loves candy, specifically Swedish Fish.
~Only requires four hours of sleep to be fully energized.
~Has a birthmark in the shape of a butterfly on her thigh.
~Is disgusted by the smell of Pepto Bismal.
~Does not want to have children.
~Once tried to learn ballet but couldn't stand still long enough.

I'll keep the above character details listed on my Seers of Light page if you want to reference them in future: (



Tracitalynne said...

re: William:

"is ambidextrous"...mmm, that will come in handy. <3

"Can scratch any itch on your body with his mind" ahem. yes. well. I am sure he can. But just to be certain I think we should do some tests...

Jen said...

Hahahaha! We'll have to test that out in book three, eh? ;)


Meghan said...

those were great! and i have a birthmark in the shape of a butterfly, too... and it's also on my thigh! too weird, but i wish i could be completely refreshed on four hours of sleep. and i agree with traciatlynne that william being ambidextrous would definitely have its advantages *wink*

Book Crazy Jenn said...

OHH I love this...thanks for the smile!

Jen said...

Meghan, that IS weird! lol. And yeah, I need like 9 hours to be at my best. But who the heck is like Anna? Not many people I know.

Jenn... YAY! xoxo

Tracitalynne said...

Meghan: ambidextrous hand-gasms? Yes please. Thank you.

Jen said...

Aaaah, the hand-gasms. We've yet to really explore those properly. ;)

Meghan said...

yes tracitalynne! hand-gasms... i completely agree! yes please and thank you! jen, you better explore those properly! LMAO!