Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Might I make a request?

I have to tell you that a book store in the Dayton, Ohio area contacted my publisher asking to stock Seers at the request of a customer... this is amazing, and it's a VERY very good sign. And this news leads me to ask you the following: The next time you visit a book store, big or small, how about you mention Seers of Light? Ask them to stock it? That one act will do wonders, my friends, and I appreciate the kindness more than you know. Thanks in advance for this a million times over.
Also, a Fanatic's book blog has reviewed Seers, and again, I'm so touched by the response. I have to share this excerpt, and then I'll link anyone who cares to read:

"Give this a read! If you enjoy emotional roller coasters, love triangles, some of the deepest and most beautiful love imaginable...and the list goes on, you'll fall in love with this book too.

Here's the link, and don't forget that A Fanatic's Book Blog is doing a giveaway on Friday!

Lastly, have I mentioned here that I'm done with the first write-through of the sequel? If not... I am! And it's been an emotional roller coaster of a different color. Now, it's on to re-writes, polishing and plumping and pulling my hair out to pick a title. Thank you for sticking with me. I've been blessed with some incredibly loyal followers that touch my heart all the time, and I'm so proud to have you all in my life and my work.

Talk to you soon!


Book Crazy Jenn said...

Off to make some requests tomorrow! :D

A title, done writing the first write though, wow - I am intrigued, and MORE than excited, with this first write though gives me great hope to be able to get some new info about the sequel soon - EAK I am sooooooo excited I cant even tell you! This ranks right up there with Eclipse coming out!

Jessica said...

*puts up a tent in front of Jennifer's house*

Yup, I'm not going anywhere until I find out what this sequel is about and have an idea of when it comes out so I can count down to it anxiously!

*makes some smores* Want one?

Sa Toya said...

I'll deff have a smore.
OMG you're practically finished with the sequel and I haven't gotten the first one yet....EAKKK!!!SQUEAL!sadface...determined to get one soon face!