Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cast of Seers?

As I wrote Seers, I pictured the book happening like a movie the whole time. So, as a result, I want to issue a challenge to my readers. If Seers of Light was made into film, who would you cast?

You can't imagine how long I've searched for them myself. And for me, having seen them all in my head, anyway, it was no easy task! In fact, I've still only come across a few, which I'll share with you here.

My challenge is this: Should you find an actor/model/person that you think is just plain IT for any one of the characters, either post it in a comment, or email their pic to me at, and I'll post it with credit to you! Obviously everyone has their own ideas of who is who, since we all see characters differently, so I think this will be tons of fun.

Okay, rock my world, people. Let's see what you've got!

My choice... Abram Saru (Roger Aaron Brown):

From Milli: Sidney Poitier

From Katie: Morgan Freeman -(Katie comments that Morgan has the "epic Abram voice.")

My choice: William Maddox (Sean Farris... and this is very conditional to this picture)

I've had two people suggest Matthew Bomer for the part of William Maddox. From Milli, and also, Matthew was the Unread Reader Review Blog's choice, as well.

A suggestion of Ian Somerhalder from Allison.

My pick for Christian Wright (Jesse Spencer)

I haven't been able to pick a Lily. But, luckily, other folks have!
(Natalie Portman.. from Milli!)

And Alexis Bledel (from Katie.)


Book Crazy Jenn said...

OHH I gotta give this some serious thought!

elizabeth said...

I definitely need to read your book!

Milli said...

Sydney Poitier for Abram!

Jen said...

Milli, this is a ridiculously awesome suggestion. I love him so! And I could absolutely see him as Abram.

Milli said...

Matthew Bomer for William

Jen said...

Added his pick to this post. Nice choice!

Missie said...

Oh Em Geeeeeeeeee!

Jesse Spencer for Christian is PERFECT! *hearts in front of eyes* Now Im really looking forward to Book 2!

For Lily, I think Ashley Greene would be perfect:

Jen said...

Holy frackeral, I never even THOUGHT of Ashley Greene, but she IS perfect! What would I do without you, my love? I think she'll have to be my official pick, too. Will post her photo latah!


SwedenSara said...

Hmm... What about Shannyn Sossamon for Lily?

Jen said...

Sara, you guys are killing me with the awesome. Again, someone else I didn't even think of, but again, she'd also be awesome.

Honestly, I had the hardest time with Lily. I couldn't, for the life of me, find her. You guys rock! Will also post Shannyn's pic later.


Book Crazy Jenn said...

OK what about
Olivia Wilde for Lily, I love her eyes -
and she's soo girl next door pretty.

For Will - honestly I see
someone like David Bromstad in looks (I know he's gay, but I love him) his eyes are killing me!

And for Christian I see Kellan Lutz
He's a total sweetie, but he can have a "dark side too"

As for Abram I love the idea of Morgan, he's perfect!

Jen said...

Jenn, yours are some ideas I'd never have thought about. David Bromstad? Fascinating. And Kellan Lutz is adorable. As far as Olivia Wilde goes, that would be funny, since both she and Jesse Spencer were House MD cast members... reunion, much?


Jen said...

Btw, Missie, might I add that Jesse Spencer does wonders to inspire the whole sequel writing thing.


Book Crazy Jenn said...

That's funny I forgot about Olivia and Jesse being on House together! :) That is funny...

I am not talking about David himself I dont think - but the whole eye thing he has going...I picture Will's eyes like his, and his body - yeah - the body works too! :)

Jen said...

I keep double-taking every time I see "Will"... LOL! I love that you've nicknamed him. I'm sure he'd be honored.

Killian said...

Okay, y'all aren't going to know who most of these people are. For William:

For Lily:

For Abrum:

Jen said...

Killian, your choices are excellent! I especially love your Abram... though your Lily has the perfect eyes! I shall post the pics in the morning!