Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chocolate Bunnies and Sex

Right. First of all, I just wanted to say that every year around this time, I tragically miss Gertrude Hawks chocolates. What is GH chocolates, you ask? Well, when I was growing up we had a local chocolatier that produced confections like you have never experienced in all your life. Their chocolate is like an explosion of UNNG in your mouth. They are still very much in business, but alas, I am no longer anywhere near them.

If you're ever in my old neck of the woods, (Scranton or Dunmore, PA), do yourself a favor and look them up, take some home. OR, you could look them up online. They have a website:

On to the similar second half of my blog entry, which is sex. Yes, I am about to discuss the "s" word, or more specifically, writing about sex, so, if you're a youngin', turn away, please, for, though I shall not be discussing anything in detail, I don't want your mammas knocking down my door with a bible, either.

If you're familiar with my writing, you know I'm not one to shy away from a love scene. Not only do they not bother me, but I think they're the hardest thing to write well. A love scene needs to play out like a good thunder storm. You have your building clouds, your trickles of rain, your full out thunder and lightening, then the whole thing calms and ebbs away. This is not easy. So, I was thinking, what books have I read with wonderful, well done, awesome love scenes? I thought I'd list a few.

1. The Black Dagger Brotherhood. Ok, now, I'm not one to go for the alpha male, "MRAH, ME TARZAN, YOU JANE, I GIVE YOU RAW MEAT, YOU GIVE ME BJ" type concepts, but I will readily say that the love scenes in this series are velly hot. It's true. The woman knows how to write 'em!

2. Southern Vampire Series. The sexy times in the SVS may be vague, but Lordy, who cares when Eric Northman is involved?! Sometimes it's the character that makes the scene and not the other way around.

3. ??????

Number three is for you guys. What's your favorites?



Lisa said...

I hear ya on BDB! Butch is my boy, and his love scenes are SMOKIN!

Larissa Ione does a fabulous job with the sexy times as well. Her Demonica series is hot, hot, hot!

Tracitalynne said...


Hahahahaha! Ahh, payday at The Olsens...(snicker)

I agree that the characters often make the scene. I mean, Ms. DeLucy can write the hell out of a love scene, but then when there's WILIIAM in it, well...(growl!)

I read the Anne Rice "Sleeping Beauty" series years ago...those were pretty naughty, if a bit, uh, specific! :) And I just read "Soulless" by Gail Carriger, the sexual tension was quite adorable and Victorian.