Friday, March 12, 2010

And the Angels Sang...

My best friend and I... we make each other laugh a lot, which is what friends do. You know how it is--when you're so at ease with someone that you're free to act like as much of a colossal dork as you please. (Believe you me, this is a relief, because I am the most ridiculous dork who ever walked the earth, hands down, no competition.)

So, this morning we were driving along and talking about what we'd like to see happen while walking down a public street some time soon. It goes as follows and in very particular order:

1. The world would decrease to slow motion. Yes, for no beautiful woman's entrance can begin lest she is walking at half-speed.

2. Start music montage. You know, a compilation. I thought something with an edge, like Supermassive Black Hole and Jet's "Are you Gonna be my Girl", but BFF argued that it would be more like us to pirouette along to the sound of sweet, angelic strings. I defer to her better judgment.

3. Flowers would spontaneously bloom at our feet. And not just ANY flowers, silly readers. No. We aren't talkin' some run of the mill, side of the road dandelions. Hah! Try roses. And tulips. And rare tropical flowers. The more elaborate and sweet smelling the better. Only the best for us.

4. There would come a soft wind... you know, the spring breeze, hair tousling variety. Not the kind that blows your hat off or anything. That would be overkill.

5. An entourage would accompany us. They would wear pink t-shirts that read... "Goddess squad", and they would strictly monitor the masses, in case someone became crazed at the sight of us.

6. Onlookers would sigh shmoopily and proceed to glow from the sheer radiance of our presence, then, of course, faint... from the beauty and all.

I think I've covered all our bases.

What do you think? You want in? We could totally make room for a few more goddesses. Apply liberally. Many will enter, all will win, so long as you have lady bits.



Melanie Parker said...

Holy Mother, count me in for this epic awesomeness. I've always thought entourages should be part of every woman's life. :)

Tracitalynne said...

Hells yeah I am in! We can snap around like the Sharks and the Jets, looking menacing, yet alluring.

Jen said...

Bwahaha. Now THIS would be entertaining. And here I thought we could simply sigh beautifully like Fleur and the French girls in Harry Potter.