Saturday, January 16, 2010

To my visionary readers...

It's a dreary January afternoon, and days like these make it hard to really want to do much. But I've been meaning to ask about something, so here it goes.

My publication house mentioned that it would be grand to have a book trailer. Yes, a book trailer, because these are, apparently, becoming commonplace when a new book is released. HOW COOL IS THAT???? The thing is, their gifted-beyond-reason graphics department is so incredibly busy that I'm not sure how long it would take to accomplish this. So, in the interest of having a more basic trailer to start with, I'd love if someone with such abilities just popped in and said, "Hey, Jen, that book trailer, how 'bout if I make it for you?"

*Wide-eyes, coy smile*

Okay, universe, there's your (not at all even pretending to be subtle) hint. I'm pining for a graphics guru with some free time to work on a Seers of Light trailer. I can provide the images, music and text, if you think you might be able to put something together.

Anyway, that's my plea. If you're out there, able and interested, I would love you forever.

Peace to the people,

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