Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday morning... is it Friday yet?

How did we get here again? It's unfair. Weren't we all just swooning in the glory that is Friday afternoon? And now, here I am again... at the day job.

Oh phone, why dost thou ringeth? Fare hordes, WHAT in the bloody... erm... eth pulp hast this simple peasant done to makest thee swarm so?

Le sigh.

I need to set up some local book signings for the propagation of Seers. I have never had a book signing, but every bit of info I read tells me to be a regular salesperson about it. Hm. Okay, here's another example of how I'm being forced to break out of my comfort zone. In fact, the entire book selling experience absolutely requires the pimpage of self, and good Lord and a bucket of honey, I cringe at the idea.

More and more, over time, I'm getting acquainted with the ways of selling one's self, but that doesn't make it any more pleasant for me. I'm cool with spreading a message, with sharing happiness, but when it comes to feeling like one of those chicks at the mall who drop kicks you and sprays perfume up your nose... sigh... regardless of the fact that this is completely different, it's going to take some adjusting of my wuss-ometer. But I have no choice, because I won't be able to sleep a wink if I don't.

You know, the above statement indicates that this is a good time to mention the "story writing the author" phenomenon I spoke of in a previous post. See, if it wasn't for Lily and William and Anna and etc, the various characters in Seers of Light who drove me nuts night and day to get their voices heard, I wouldn't feel so passionate about this whole thing.

Have you ever fallen in love? I mean, head over heals, life-changing, mind-altering, cloister-up-and-never-want-to-part love? If you have, well, it feels a lot like that. Before I'd written Seers, I'd never felt so strongly compelled to continue a project in my life. And the experience made me remember a point that the lovely lady minister at my church had made one Sunday... that you know you're supposed to be doing something, that you're headed in the right direction, when it brings you so much joy that you just radiate it. And I did. I was shining, glowing, infatuated with this story. It felt truly good. And "good" is a highly underrated term, if you ask me. It's the way I wish we could all feel, all the time, or at least while reading a good book, eh? :)

Peace out,

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Steelers 4 Life!! said...

Jen...don't sweat the book signing. Really in a way, you can be an exagerrated version of yourself if you think about it. Perhaps be your own character. I hope it goes well. I do share the head-over-heels feeling when I write, especially when I know I have the tiger by the tail.