Sunday, September 28, 2014

What is The Light Series: For New Readers

First of all, I just want to do a little (big) dance and flying kick-a-pow in celebration of Simon and Schuster taking over The Light Series. I am now an S&S author, and proud of it! And in celebration of this, we have new covers, a soon-to-be-box set and all kinds of fun activities planned. But for those who have yet to read the books, maybe you're asking what The Light Series is all about (without spoiling things)? Well, here we go....

Imagine that you’re a simple woman, helping your grandparents run a little convenience store in your home town when all kinds of creepy things start happening to you.  You don’t feel safe in your own home or out in the woods or anywhere else for that matter, but you have no idea why or what on earth is going on.

This is how The Light Series begins, with one woman—Lillian Hunt—who thinks she’s losing her mind. But things aren’t always as they seem, right? Or maybe they are, and that’s the scary part.
In book one of The Light Series Trilogy, (Seers of Light) Lily faces a huge learning curve and a major life change in the form of a group of gifted souls who have to initiate her into this strange new world before some serious stuff goes down.  Lily is a bit on the over reactive side, partly due to her temper and partly because of her gifts, but her conflicting emotions make it tough to decide who is good, who is evil—especially where it comes to two men in particular. She has no idea what secrets came before her, what mysteries are ahead, but she’s too passionate to turn back.

Book two, Whisper of Light, is written from a different point-of-view –that of a normal human woman named Nicole Abbot, with ties to Lily’s group. Still, you see how different she is from the forward, outspoken Lily, and you see how every polarity of personality is necessary in their world. Nicole, through virtue of her troubled family life, is an important witness and inevitable player in the series.

Circle of Light takes it back to Lily again, but now we see something special is brewing in the relationships of all the characters, in their loss, in their love, in their anger and release...something taking more and more shape as a whole. The Light Series is about connected lives and destinies and the outcome of our actions when we choose love over fear (or the opposite).  I could say I wrote these books more for me than anyone else, but they’re also written for you guys, and there’s bound to be a character (goofy, sexy, nerdy, passionate, you name it) in this series that we can all relate to as ourselves.  The books are classed as paranormal romance, and they're at times scary, at times romantic, at times incredibly dorky, but I hope the series is something that gives you hope and inspiration and comfort when life gets complicated. 

Here are the new covers. I love them.  What do you think?

This coming week begins a month of buzz for the The Light Series, with a boxed set being released and new covers and just a fresh start.  Authors and readers will participate in a big Facebook blitz of fun media and giveaways on Wednesday, so follow me on Facebook to participate. I’ll be interviewed on the radio, a podcast, some vloggers and bloggers and reviewers will chime in with their opinions, as well. So tune in to learn more and enter to win your own copies of the books. Oh, and by the way, you see the Goodreads Giveaway on the right side of this blog? You can enter there, as well. And tell your friends.

Check out some reviews on the Light Series page of this blog, on Goodreads, Amazon or Simon and Schuster to see what other readers are saying about the series. But most of all, if you love it, talk it up, spread the word! 

Peace Out My Friends,


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