Monday, September 24, 2012

Circle Tour Begins - Secrets, Presents and More!!

Hi there!

I am thrilled as all-get-out to announce the start of the Official Circle of Light Blog Tour! This is an event that will actually extend beyond the date of Circle's release (Oct. 9th), and I am SO serious when I say that you're going to see things along the tour that you won't find anyplace else, hands down, especially in the area of a few lengthy (and super exclusive) excerpts straight from Circle of Light. Keep up with the stops so you don't miss anything!! :) You'll also have a chance to win swag, (like a Light Series mug, decals and pins), as well as ebooks or print copies, depending on the blog. Just to help you keep track, here's a run down of participating blogs, which I'll add to before each new week begins. A huge thanks to Jess and Lisa of BoundbyBooks and TotalBookaholic, who wanted to organize the tour! I love you two, my sweet ladies. *HUGS*

9/24 A Life Bound by Books Author interview, with surprise cameo from certain characters/giveaway!
9/25 Total Bookaholic: Series Overview/giveaway!
9/26 Vamps, Weres and Cassey Absolutely exclusive Circle book scene excerpt and giveaway!!
9/28 For the Love of Film and Novels Guest post and giveaway!

10/3 Tien's Blurb: Absolutely exclusive Circle book scene excerpt #2 and giveaway!!
10/4 Diary of a Book Addict: Book Review, Guest Post - About the playlist from Circle of Light
10/5 A Life Bound by Books: Book Review!

Week of 10/8 Eve's Fan Garden: Guest posts, giveaways and more!
10/11 Total Bookaholic: Review of Circle of Light
10/12 A Bibliophile's Journal: Exclusive Excerpt and giveaway!

10/15 Italian Brat's Obsessions: Special Guest Post and Quiz!
10/16 Kaiden's Seduction: Review of Circle of Light
10/17 Reader Girls: Exclusive Excerpt!
10/19 Author Sarah Glover's Blog: Guest Post
10/19 Books and Other Spells: Author Interview
And coming soon... a podcast interview with Mystical Lit Lounge!


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