Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Favorite/Freakiest Scary Movies

Just in time for Halloween, I wanted to talk about my favorite/freakiest scary movies! (I love this topic.) Anyone who knows me is well aware that I'm a fan of creeptastic cinema, but not the slasher violent type. I like the nearly plausible, psychological kind. Unfortunately, most of my friends are the opposite and hate to be scared, so I can't typically get them to agree to a scare-athon.

Anyway, here we go!

Favorite: Night of the Living Dead - Black and White version. The very first one, I mean, from the 60's. It's my favorite one of all. It was surprisingly well done for that time, and it's the kind of thing that mixes survival with favorite!

Freaky: The Exorcist. Oh, Lord, I didn't watch this movie until I was 18 years old, and I'm glad, because, had I watched it as a little kid, I would have never. ever. slept again. And look, I was raised Catholic (strict), so, this stuff messes with your head when you're young and impressionable. I don't think I slept for about three nights after watching it, as it was. All I can say is, spider walk, dude. Spider walk.

Favorite: The Sixth Sense. Come on, now, who didn't love this movie? And the fact that it's placed in my home state, (I'll always love M Night for his Philly affiliations) only added icing to the cake. It was both touching and creepy. The sick little girl sequence was particularly disturbing.

Freaky: Any of The Host type movies. I simply cannot make myself watch them full through. I've tried sitting through clips, but, for some reason, those Japanese film-makers have really hit on a major nerve with me, and the creepy little open mouthed, black eyed, seemingly uncomprehending but evil children crawling up your covers to frighten you into a heart attack thing is f'd up, people. Just wrong.

Favorite: Signs! Another M Night movie, another home state tribute, but this is one gets kudo points for cute children. I get so scared right along with that family no matter how many times I've watched the film, even though I know exactly what will happen. But when they've finished boarded up the house and the first alien bangs on the wall... aaah!!! Also, how adorable is the tinfoil hat scene?

Freaky: Pet Cemetery. I have only one thing to say about this: zombie babies are not right, Stephen King. I may love you, man, but, you can't unsee a toddler nomming on a guy's neck.

That's it for now! I have lots more, but these top my list. What are your faves?



Patricia said...

OMG Jen, I love slasher movies! Those psychological/haunted thrillers freak me out, but I usually wind up getting talked into watching them. Now, I'm a big chicken and later that night, when I'm lying in bed, in the dark I have to seriously think about whether or not I can hold my pee until daylight or if I have to venture out of my bed. If I have to get up, I refuse to look in a mirror or in the direction of the closet and I have been known to get into the bed at the foot so I don't have to stand by the side where someone might grab my ankle. I'm a dork, but at least I own it :)

Jen said...

Ah, but, my friend, they can grab you from the foot of the bed and drag you under, you know...

And I think I'd rather be wandering around the house when I'm scared than shivering in my dark bed waiting for something to come out of the closet and eat me.


Alison Oburia said...

Halloween. The original one. I thought I was being SOOOO clever, watching that movie as a teen when my parents weren't home (they wouldn't have approved). Ugh. Parents were right. I've hated masks, especially hockey goalie masks, ever since.

GraceDZ said...

Yes, Signs totally freaked me out too. I'm not fan of zombie babies either...just not right! I remember having to sleep with the lights on after watching Poltergeist as a kid and being afraid of our TV. Still gives me shivers thinking about it!

Jennifer Lane said...

I saw a movie when I was a kid titled "The Changeling" with George C. Scott that totally freaked me out. I'm not a big horror fan, but I am watching The Walking Dead and that is gross! Aliens scared the hell out of me too.

Jen said...

Alison, see? (Most)Parents tend to know best.

Grace, for some reason Poltergeist never scared me. Don't know why!

Jennifer, I have never seen The Changeling, but I'm going to look into it now! Thanks!

Brenda Demko said...

I'm the sissy of the group. I prefer to watch the Disney Halloween movies like Hocus Pocus and Twitches.