Friday, September 16, 2011

Vote for William! and Getting it Right in Circle of Light

I know William Maddox has some swooning hearts out there (and he's going to need them more than ever in book three, just so you know!) But here's your chance to show him the love right now!

Parajunkee Reviews is having an awesome Supernatural Smackdown event where one literary character is pitted against another, and HE NEEDS YOUR VOTE!!!

So, head on over and support his smart ass, because he'll love you even more for it. OH, and did I mention the ebook giveaway?

Ok, so next line of business.

Remember way back when I first started planning Circle of Light? When book three was in its beginning stages and I mentioned Glendalough and Ireland, in general, and London and globe trotting adventure? Well, now that I've finished the first draft of the book and am re-writing, it's crucial and fabulous to me that I have the aid of my my one and only, personal, real-life Irish contact (I call her Danni ;) to boss me--er--guide me in matters of dialect.

In fact, she will launch into a lecture and a half about how I mustn't spell Brian with a y, how I cannot say "ye" unless referring to more than one person, and even then, it's only okay because of the region/upbringing of the particular characters. She is one proud Irishwoman, and I am not about to willingly and needlessly offend the people who make a strong part of my root heritage! You just don't get them mad. Period. Unless you have a loooot of time on your hands, because you're going to hear about it.

Anyway, my point is that I cannot stress enough how important a resource like Danni is when writing for believability. It would be really easy to just fake my way through a dialect or throw in some geographical guess-work. But if you're lucky enough to have a friend who actually knows the facts, ask them to help!

Before I go, I want to let you know that I finished and recorded the Circle of Light trailer/book song. :) I'm proud of it and I'm aching to share it with you, but I'll have to wait until a little bit later. Hopefully you'll feel the heart that went into it.

William and Lily et. all have a hell of a journey ahead of them in book three and I rooted for them hard as I wrote, but you never do know how these things will turn out (at least I didn't) until the very last. Glad you're sticking with us so you can find out too!

Talk to you all soon. Love.

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