Saturday, August 13, 2011

Artists Keep Us Sane

Have you ever really stopped to feel gratitude after reading a great book, listening to an incredible score, watching an awesome movie? I know we take these things for granted in today's world when they are so readily accessible, but, it's important to realize how much deeper, richer and better our lives are because of art.

This has happened to you, hasn't it? You're having a horrible day, down in the dumps, feeling like Pessimistic Polly's dog farts lit on fire, and then you watch a great movie that helps you escape it all for a few hours and you come away inspired or comforted or encouraged to keep at this game of life. It really is needed, all this entertainment, because the troubles of life are eased by things like cracking open a fresh new book and disappearing into the pages. I don't even want to think of what we'd do without them.

I watched Signs by M. Night Shyamalan tonight (for the dozenth time.) I love that damn movie. I mean, in the beginning it's not too uplifting, what with the killer aliens of eeeeeviiil coming to earth, but, it gets better. Also, gosh, the elements he uses to frighten people in this movie are so simple and realistic that you just have to sit back at certain parts and say, "well done." Plus, I like the message of the movie, as well. But I digress.

The last group of books I read that really aided me in getting through a tough time were the Sookie Stackhouse novels. You know, the Southern Vampire Series? I consider those books a giant warm blanket and a cup of tea for my nerves. Their author, Charlaine Harris, has a really comforting voice. And again, I cite this because it's another example of how art is vital to happiness--something I don't think we really consider enough. After all, reading and music and movies are considered recreation, right? I mean, *regal old man voice* Tut, tut, aren't we supposed to think that science and math and history and cold hard facts are far more valuable than fiction and art? Harumph!

Psh. Whatever. I think that the physically intangible, the colorful, the passionate, the imaginative and the escapist are every bit as valuable as a book of rocket science. Really. You spend a hard day studying quantum physics and you need a nice HBO drama to come home to. I'm just sayin'.

So thank your artist of choice today, plus, while you're at it, share with the class. Tell me what keeps you going. And for God's sake, put down the Investor's Weekly and pick up a JK Rowling, will you?

Peace out,

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Nicki Elson said...

The math & science and blah, blah, blah are the necessaries in life, but the music, and paintings, and films, and books are the purpose. :)