Thursday, December 23, 2010

Look what you did!!!!!

Oookay. So, it's official. I have the world's best readers ever in the entire history of existence for as long as we both shall live, amen. Hands down, the most fantastically attractive and wonderful. And why do I say this? What is my proof?

Well, a few weeks ago one of you alerted me to Goodreads' Book/Author of the year contest, and, even though the thing was close to being finished, I put out a request to my peeps to write in and vote for Seers in whatever categories you thought applied.

Let me tell you.... YOU PEOPLE ROCK! I found out yesterday that not only was Seers of Light among the nominees for book of the year, but you've voted me into the noms for Author of the Year, as well! Look at what you did!




So, I think you might be able to vote again, this time as an official vote. If you can, will you add your voice? And please spread the word to others.

It's my goal to use my writing, beginning with The Light Series, as a tool to help people find their courage, to be inspired and passionate about their lives, and to seek their purpose, whether huge and bold or humble and mild. Thanks to you, we're that much closer to really getting the series out there and noticed. What a wonderful Christmas present!

With all my heart,


Colene Murphy said...

Awesome!!! Congratulations!! Will check into voting again!

Anonymous said...

It's love, Jen. Your books are full of love and wisdom and you are full of love which you share with us, so we love you.

Jen said...

Colene, thank you for the loyalty! :) You're a sweetheart.


Jen said...

Tahlia, my dear, you are every bit as much of a sap as I am. I love it!

*cuddle fest*

Thank you for the support. Truly, truly.