Tuesday, November 30, 2010

T-shirt and books Winner!!!!

Today was the deadline for the signed books and Team William or Team Christian t-shirt giveaway! I've chosen a number and the winner is:

Missie!!!!!! It seems Missie is quite the Team William girl. I've got your email addy from the comments, my dear. I will be sending you a message shortly!

Thanks to everyone who entered. This was especially heartbreaking for me, since I looked at the list of everyone who entered and I just want to smooch you all for being so completely wonderful. I have the most good hearted, fabulous readers and I love you guys. I hope you know it. I will be offering more swag contests in future! This won't be the end of the t-shirts and goodies.

Talk to you soon!


Meghan said...

Congrats, Missie!!!

Missie said...

*happy dance* Yah for positive thinking!

I knew it! I knew it! William is mine! :P

Sassy Gemini Mom said...

Congrats Missie. Somehow I missed this one. :(

hotcha12 said...