Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Couples of The Light Series (SPOILER ALERT)

Lily and William

Seers of Light
One is impetuous and passionately emotional, the other is smart-assed and mysterious. From Lily's initial reactions, you'd think they would kill each other before anything else... but honestly, life is full of surprises. It's often the most unexpected people who claim our hearts. And they're always the perfect fit when they do. Now, will these two survive a Society that doesn't want them together? All I have to say is, book three...


“All right, William. You want to know how I feel? The truth is, I’d give it all up, the sentience, the endowments, and I’d go back to Scranton and work in that damned store and stock fucking Pez dispensers for the rest of my life if it meant that I could still be with you until I die.” ~ Lillian Hunt to William Maddox, Seers of Light.

Christian and Nicole

These two are a complex animal. Enter Nicole Abbot, self-loathing wallflower, introduce her to a confident charmer with painful secrets and see what happens.

Sometimes you need to pair some serious soul-searching with repeated shoves from the universe to see when you're missing the opportunity of a lifetime. There were definitely times in Whisper of Light when even the author wanted to strangle these two...


“You’ve got this huge complex, you know that? You don’t trust anyone, and it’s glaringly obvious that you think you’re somehow unworthy compared to the rest of these people when, in reality, you’re this strong, loyal, enduring, beautiful, gifted human being who’s made it her life’s work to help people in the most impossible circumstances! Do you think all Sentients can do something like that? I can promise you—they can’t.” ~ Christian Wright to Nicole Abbot, Whisper of Light.

Anna and Katrina


These two need more blog time, for sure. Anna would demand it. She has a lot to say about the whole thing. I think I'll have to blog about them more dedicatedly in future, but for now, I'll say that there's a lot more to this mischievous duo than meets the eye. Another reason to pay attention to book three.

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