Thursday, October 21, 2010

Final Whisper Excerpt, new Secrets Intercepted post and more!

Goooood evening!!!

I have a few points to make. Okay, a few fun things to share. Numero uno... NEW POST ON THE SEERS AND SENTIENTS INTERCEPTED BLOG! ;)


Second, and before I forget, I wanted to mention to any Orlando folks out there that my friend and fellow author Alison Oburia will be at the Florida Writers Association Conference in Lake Mary, FL this weekend (Oct. 22-24) and she'll be signing copies of her book! She's a great lady, so if you're at the conference, stop by and give her some love!

Lastly, there are only four days till the release of Whisper of Light, guys!! YAAY! I am so excited. Can I admit something to you? I think I am more psyched about this than I was Seers--and here's why I think that is. Your first book is your baby, right? And Seers was. It still is. It's the novel that started this journey. But, book two, it just kind of makes things more official, you know? Plus, you (hopefully) improve with every book you write, and I've certainly learned a lot since I wrote Seers of Light and tried my best to apply it to Whisper. The book makes me emotional, and it actually makes ME laugh out loud in places, and that gives me hope that it will do the same for you. It's got a personal message from me to all of you, and it's one of being happy and doing whatever it takes to get there. You'll see exactly what I'm saying when you read. I especially mean this for my female readers, because ladies, I know what the hell you're going through, at any and every age.

Before I leave you this evening, I'm going to go ahead and release my last teaser before Whisper comes out, since I've got a busy weekend ahead of me and I want to make sure I don't forget it!! Here's your final excerpt, my loves. And I tried to make it a good one!

“Good morning,” Christian said, smiling at his crossword puzzle. “Hungry?”
“Uh…I’ll, I’ll—no,” I lied.
My stomach growled and he snickered, shaking his head. “Liar. Here. Want to finish my eggs?”
Wait—he was sharing food now? What the hell? But no. It was fine. If he could do this, I could do this.
“Sure. Thanks.” I sat down, slid his plate in front of me and stared at his fork. He had eaten with that fork. Would they notice that we were sharing a fork? What would it mean that we were sharing a fork? Nothing! It would mean nothing. Because he’d acted out of kindness, out of pity, and that was that. So why was I eating his eggs?
Well, it was too late to stop now. Everyone was watching, and it would be rude to just turn my nose up at his generosity. Maybe I could get a new fork…but wouldn’t that insult him?
Why hadn’t I just taken a muffin when I had the chance? Oh my dear God get me out of this nightmare!


Anya said...

OMG Jenn this was so great! Thanks a lot! Soo excited for the book...I hope I'll be able to get it since I live in germany and our amazon doesn't have didn't have Seers either :(
Anyways...I LOVE this excerpt! I gotta say...I'm really liking Nicole and Christian :)


Tracitalynne said...

Re: New William post:

You. Are. KILLING me.

Jen said...

Anya, You are so welcome!!! And I'm a little excited for the new book, as well. ;)

Not to worry with the book, because you can order it from anywhere in the world from my publisher's website.


Jen said...


*smirks* Sorry?


Book Crazy Jenn said...

OMG you guys, the teasers are great, but the book is EVEN BETTER - LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

Jen said...

Jenn, you are a fabulous lady. Thank you for the comment!!!


Anya said...

OMG Jenn you've already read it??

And William entry! Holy fuck jenn youre trying to kill me right? You should totally write Seers of Light from his POV too..or write the third book from Lily's and some part William's POV *swoon* I just love that man...